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Report 22/4/16

Posted: Fri Apr 22, 2016 2:56 pm
by Nicole Penfold
Firstly an update on the algal bloom: The pumps at Pental Island were turned off yesterday by GM Water when tests elevated the water levels to red. But the remainder of the river from there through to before Boundary Bend is an Algal Free Zone according to GM Water,and then from Boundary Bend to Red Cliffs,the river is also algal free-the Murray is currently rising and has jumped up about 2" so far.

According to Mick at the Boundary Bend store the river had a browny/greeny tinge to it,but people were still catching fish in the river and he dose'nt expect things to change for this weekend. Speaking to Ken from the Kyalite pub and he said that the river was still a bit greenish,but was still producing fish and that they were still using the river water in their showers.

The Murray River:
- Anglers at Boundary Bend are still catching cod and yellas despite the algal warning,with most fish caught on all baits>
- Campers at Wood Wood last weekend picked up a 57-51-44cm cod using yabbies and chicken.
-There have been a few legal cod caught at the junction of the Murray and Wakool rivers at Kenley over the past week on wood grubs,yabbies and scrubbies,with the odd legal yella taking shrimp and worm cocktails.
- A couple of boats fishing between the Pental Island caravan park and Caelli lane landed a 69cm and a 58cm cod on trolled plack/purple codzilla and black/silver JD Eddy lures last weekend and a few undersize were caught on bait-a couple of just size yellas were picked up on small yabbies.

The Kyalite Area:
- Ken said that last weekend ,the Edward river fished the better of the two for cod,mostly on bait,with a few yellas landed in the Wakool fishing bait amongst the snags.

# I've had no other reports from other areas.

## This weeks photo is the 93cm cod young 7yr old Chase Campbell caught at Brooks Lane the weekend before last(his dad is holding the fish for obvious reasons) and the 2nd one is Daniel McCashneys 76cm caught at Pental Island 2 weeks ago.

### Just had a phone call from Vic Fisheries with results of a electro fish survey conducted at Lake Boga last weeks-the results were 297 Silver Perch between 39cm up to a 1.1kg,4 cod up to 40cm and 4 yellas up to 40cm.He said that electro fishing in rivers only generates around 20% of the fish population and it is even less in lakes,he also said the majority of the fish were found around the new habitats that were placed in the lake last year-Fisheries were pretty happy with the results!!

Until Next Week-I hope everyone has a great and safe long weekend on the river

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