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Report 28/4/16

Posted: Fri Apr 29, 2016 10:47 pm
by Nicole Penfold
It appears that the algal bloom has stretched to our area but that did'nt stop anglers from hitting the rivers last weekend,with some good reports of fish caught in our"green" waters.

- Eddy Scholten and his wife camped at Moulamein last weekend where they caught 5 cod with the biggest at 86cm another at 76cm-all fish were caught on yabbies,but he said it was hard fishing and no sign of any yellabelly.

- Dick Reynolds sent a photo of a 55cm yella he had caught on a scrubworms/shrimp cocktail in very clear water.

- Several large cod up to a metre plus were caught on trolled black/white and black/Green lures in the Mildura/Wentworth area last weekend,with one fish estimated to be around the 100lb mark.
- The Murray/Wakool junction at Kenley produced cod ranging from 35cm to 60 over the long weekend,with most fish caught on bait and a couple on lures.
- Also had a report of a 102cm cod landed on a lure at Tooleybuc last weekend.
- Tim Baulch sent me a photo of a 46cm yella he had caught on worms near the Big 4 caravan park and he also said that he trolled a black/purple AC around,resulting in a few hits with no hook ups.
- The river between Greenham and Caeille lanes produced several cod from 50cm to 60cm on cheese,wood grubs and yabbies.

With all the HYPE about the algae, its everyone's decision to fish or not to fish at the moment,but there are a lot of anglers who have said=so what=the rivers have algae, but we are still going fishing and from this weeks reports,plenty of fish have been caught!!

Anglers have been telling me that they haven't send the Murray looking as good as it does clarity wise-so get out there and have a go as we head into the big cod winter months.

## This weeks photo: Eddy's cod caught in "green"water at Moulamien.

Until Next Week-Happy Fishing JC.

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