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Report 30/12/16

Posted: Fri Dec 30, 2016 10:58 am
by Nicole Penfold
Xmas is done and dusted and the weather has been somewhat more like darwin weather,at least the next few days are going to be more bearable. Haven't received a lot of reports yet,so if you have caught some good fish,let me know and send any photos if you have any.

- A local fishing near Greenham Lane picked up a 56cm cod and dropped 5 with a snapped and and two straightened hooks-they were fishing with yabbies and shrimp.
- Campers at the Pental Island Caravan Park landed a 58m cod on cheese & shrimp
- Campers in the Nyah Forest landed several cod up around the 40-45cm mark on worms.
- Mick from the Boundary Bend Store/Caravan Park said that you can now gain access into the camping sites along the river.He said that the signs were still up but people were driving around them.Campers at the park were catching small cod and some fairly big yellas,mostly on yabbies and worms.

- Spoke to Barnsy from the pub and he said at the moment they are only catching carp,but he said the water in both the Wakool & Edward is looking pretty good.He did say that they were catching bait and eating size yabbies in both rivers.

- Clint Shields drove along the channel from the Fish Point Rd to the 1st & 2nd regulators the other morning and landed a 1.42kg redfin on worms along with a couple of smaller ones-my daughter enjoyed it grilled on the barbi.
- And a mate fished the same area yesterday morning and landed a 46cm yella and a couple of small reddies on a bibless vibe.

-The report from the Pooncarrie area is that the river is high dirty and flowing fast with very little being caught.

- There have been reports that they are being caught in the Wakool,Edward & Little Murray rivers,the Neimur and Merran Creeks.

# Wishing everyone a very safe and happy new year and if you are out fishing,let me know what you are catching.

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