Report 19/1/17

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Report 19/1/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jan 20, 2017 12:02 pm

With great weather and our rivers and lakes producing plenty of fish and yabbies,why would'nt you head to swan hill for a few days fishing and relaxation.

- Anglers staying at Fort Courage have been picking up a good feed of yellas on shrimp and yabby tails-as well as good numbers of eating size yabbies.
- Anglers trolling lures above and below the weir at Wentworth have also been catching good size yellas.
- Lee James sent me a photo of a 65cm cod he caught at Colignan at the weekend,which is the 1st cod I have heard of in the Mildura area since the floods.
- Yellas up to 37cm have been caught upstream of Robinvale on shrimp.
- Mick from the Boundary Bend stores reports that good numbers of yellas to 45cm have been taking worms and they are also catching plenty of yabbies bait and eating size.
- Darren Neil and his partner Paula Boag camped at Wood Wood for a few days and Paula landed a nice yella right in front of camp on worms-they then moved to Gunbower where they caught plenty of cod ranging from 34 to 54cm on worms and cheese and landed a 57cm yella on worms.
- The river at Swan Hill is producing plenty of cod with one boat picking up several cod between 40 & 70cm on trolled dark coloured lures.
- A young bloke from the caravan park fishing with his dad landed a 38-45-61-63cm cod on a trolled green frog pattern oargee plow during the week.
- Another bloke from the park was trolling a black/purple oargee around Goat Island on tuesday and landed a 61cm cod and dropped another one near the boat .
- The Murrabit area is also producing good numbers of cod with one angler landing a 72cm cod on a shallow dive Gidgee Barcoo.

- Dick Reynold sent me a photo of a little cod he caught at Kyalite along with some small yellas and silver perch all caught on bait.

- A young bloke fishing with yabbies landed a 77 and a 85cm cod in the river at Moulamein during the week and he also caught a catfish at the mouth of the Bong.

- Chris Gerkens had a day out on the river between Hay & Maude landing plenty of cod on lures-his best was an 80cm on a red Koolabung Holographic and he got busted off with a much bigger fish.

- The channel still produces plenty of yellas with a 57cm landed on a dark coloured bibless vibe.

- Campers have been picking up reddies this week on worms and small yabbies and another bloke has been picking up some good size redfin fishing at the back of the lake,where the pumps used to be.

- Both lakes are producing redfin and yellas on minnows,small yabbies and worms as well as using bobbers,blades and small 55mm lures.

YABBIES are being caught the the Neimur,Edward,Murrumbidgee,
Little Murray and in the channel systems in the swan hill area.

1st photo of Lee James with his Colignan cod-1st cod since floods!
2nd is Dick Reynold with his Kyalite Cod-1st cod since floods!
3rd is Chris Gerkens 80cm Mummumbidgee cod.

Until Next Week Happy Fishing - JC

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488 Campbell St
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