Report 5/4/17

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Report 5/4/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Sat Apr 08, 2017 12:46 am

I hav'nt had so many anglers come into the shop with smiles as big as a cods mouth in the past week and I hav'nt seen the Murray here at Swan Hill fish so well for cod in years,as you will see in the following reports-the majority of the cod caught have been between the boatramp and the start of the Floodway and about 80% of the caught on lures.

The weather forecast for the following week is for fine weather with temps between 21 & 30deg and the 10 day forecast says easter will be great,with no rain in sight.

- Leigh Evans has been putting in at the boatramp boating up to the P.I. caravan park and the trolling back,where he picked up a 62 & a 73cm on a purple oarge on the thur night and then picked up a 67cm on fri morning- all up over the week, he and his mate have landed 7 cod and dropped a 70 & 80+ at the boat.
- Daniel McCashney has been fishing the the same patch of water and landed 5 cod to 60+cm on the sat and 4 cod on the sun morning,including a 99cm-all fish have been caught on black codger with orange head & tail,purple oargee with pink underneath the head/tail and a black/purple oargee.
- Zane Wilkins was fishing off the back of there bardi boat and landed a 58 & a 60cm cod on chicken last weekend.
- Ying struck again with a 90cm caught on cheese near the P.I. caravan park last sat afternoon-took her 15mins to land it and her partner Alex caught a 85cm near the big 4 caravan park easrlier in the week-they did'nt have there phones-so no pics.
- I had a couple of guys in who were staying at the P.I. caravan park and they said that they had caught 7 cod ranging from 53 to 69cm on red/black and black/purple oargee-they brought another 8 lures.
- Brendan Kelly said that his mate was fishing off the bank with his kids on tuesday near his place and they landed 4 cod between 51 7 57cm on cheese.
- And I had another bloke in who trolled around the island near the big 4 caravan park on tuesday afternoon and landed 3 cod to 65cm in 15mins on a black/purple lure.
- Also heard that a couple of yellas up to 34cm had been caught on cooked prawns at Runciman Rd.

- Barnsy facebook page stated that the river was rising and that one angler had caught one yella on a lure and 2 others on shrimp.He said if you worked hard you would catch the odd cod and there was no shortgage of silver perch.

- A party fished the Hay weir pool last weekend and landed 50 small cod on bait and they are still catching reasonable size cod near Maude on lures.


# As you can see from the above report Swan Hill is the place to be, if you want to catch a cod over the easter break.

## With people starting to hit there favourite camping spots,remember to take care on our roads and rivers and take your rubbish home with you-but most importantly enjoy swan hill majestic rivers and forests.

Photos: a 60cm & 99cm Dan McCashney caught; Yings 90cm specimen; some of Leigh Evans catch.

Until Next Week check your reels line and lures to prevent failure and dont forget the esky-JC

JC's Bait & Tackle
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