Report 12/4/17

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Report 12/4/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Apr 13, 2017 5:43 pm

We have been blessed by the weather gods,with temps from 23-26deg for the next 7 days with no rain in sight.You could'nt get it any better for camping with great days and cool nights for that campfire.

Thankfully the Murray has risen 4 to 5" in the past few days,it mightn't seem much,but when the river was sitting at 0.62 of a metre,ts all helps- but take care especially between the bridge and the marina.

The Wakool has had a flush and the Edward river has had a rise through it and is looking pretty good and good for boating.

- Had a guy in this morning whose mates have been camping at Hattah and they have been catching plenty of yellas up to 43cm mainly on shrimp.
-Tim Anderson sent me a message to say that he was catching plenty of silver perch and had landed a 35cm cod on worms and shrimp.
- Campers at Nyah landed a 70cm cod and 2 at 55cm on cheese and crushed yabbies last weekend.
- A local angler fished near Beveridge Island at picked up 2 cod around 60cm on dark Oargees
- Dan McCashney and his mate Brad fished between the bridge and the Pental Island caravan park last saturday and landed a 98cm and a 62cm on a black stumpjumper.

- Just spoke to Barnsy from the pub and he said there were a lot of people about and he expects good things to happen fish wise this weekend.He said both rivers look good with good access to camp sites and to bring your yabby nets if you camping on th Edward river.

- Simon Patullock landed a cod going on the picture would be around 60 to 70cm in the regulator channel last saturday,suing on shrimp.His son Nathan landed a couple of little yellas.
Clive from the park said that a couple of redfin had been caught on worms and a few yellas were taking small yabbies and worms near the boat ramp.

# The photos are from Simon Patullock and his son Nathan, plus one of Brad with his 98cm cod. I saw a video of him landing it and to say he was happy when it was in the boat is an understatement.

## BARDI BRUBS-I have managed to get hold of 200 grubs( and they weren't cheap) and they will be $4-90 each.So if anyone want some put aside,ring me on 0350330407 or 0427330407-you can pay for them over the phone and I will put them aside to be picked up.

There is going to be a heap of campers about,so respect everyones space,take your rubbish home, be courteous on the river and dont abuse the fishing regulations!!!!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy easter and may the fish gods smile on everyone-JC.

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