Report 19/4/17

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Report 19/4/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Apr 21, 2017 2:43 pm

We have just been through on of the best easter weekends I can recall for many years, weather conditions were perfect and as you will see from the following reports,the fishing was even better.
The murray was sitting at 0.62 of a metre today its at 0.8 which should make it a "little" easier to get around.

- Campers in the Hattah area landed heaps of yellabelly on bait over the weekend.
- Had a customer in who was heading to Boundary Bend for easter after some of mates caught a 80cm cod and a couple of smaller ones up there the week before easter.
- Josh Standen caught a 90cm at the junction of the Murray and Wakool rivers at Kenley.
- Received an email from a camper at Wood Wood who said he witnessed a young boy land a 98cm cod on bait opposite his camp.
- Nathan Warburton sent me a picture of a nice cod he had caught at Murraydale over the weekend.
- A 85cm cod was landed near the Abbatoirs during the week on bait.
- A young bloke picked up two cod around 60cm on lures between the boat ramp at swan hill and the bridge.
- A camper from the Big 4 caravan park was trolling around Goat Island and landed a 75cm on sunday.
- Another bloke was trolling with a 1.5oz spinnerbait in the same area and landed a 70cm.
- A 90cm cod was landed on a yabby opposit murray downs.
- A couple of mates were trolling near the Floodway when one of them picked up metre plus cod and as his mate was bringing in his lure,another cod decided to latch onto it at th same time-they finished up with the mtr a 70 and a 40cm for the day.
- A 95cm was caught on a bardi grub near the top end of the Floodway on Saturday might.
- Tommy Wilkens caught a 78cm from the back of their party boat on cheese at the weekend.
- Another angler chasing yellas at the Floodway had caught 5 up to 52cm on worms and shrimp by the saturday.
- Yesterday morning Phill Walker and his crew fished between the bridge here at swan hill and the murray downs homestead with black lures with white stripes on them,and had an absolute cod feast landing a 91cm-64-63-57-56-54 in one session-and I've got the photos.

- Barnsy from the pub said that there were heaps of yellas caught in the Wakool river,some up to 2.5kgs along with some good numbers of cod in the 40 to 55cm range.He also said the Edward river produced good numbers of yellas and yabbies-most fish were caught on yabbies,scrubbies and shrimp.

- A 65cm cod was landed in the creek on a bardi grub last sunday morning.

- Clive from the caravan park reports that good size yellas and the odd cod were landed on worms and shrimp over the easter weekend and he also said that some redfin were landed on cheese of all things.

# I cant recall the Murray River fishing so consistently for murray cod here at Swan Hill,like it has done for the past 6-8 weeks-with a lot of fish ranging between the 50 to 80cm mark and the majority of them caught on lures.

With Anzac day on thuesday I'm expecting most people will take the monday off and hopefully head to swan hill-They are forecasting some rain tomorrow with "possible" showers over the weekend with temps in the low to mid 20's

Until Next Week Happy Fishing JC.

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