Report 27/4/17

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Report 27/4/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Apr 28, 2017 4:45 pm

Last weeks rain dump did'nt dampen the fishing over the anzac weekend,with good numbers of cod and a few yellas caught in our region.
And as we all know as we lead into the winter months,the big cod start to become more active,chasing anything that looks like food to fatten up for winter.

- One of the many goods things about dealing with customers is when young kids come in with their parents all eager about going fishing- one young bloke was Lucius Gilmour and as you will see from his photo,he was pretty happy with his first cod.
- Another happy angler with her first big cod was Leah Geisler,her smile is nearly as wide as the 98cm cod she caught with bait over easter at Nyah on a kids rod with 20lb mono.
- Kellie Wilcox also caught her first cod on a lure with a 91cm taking a lure upstream from swan hill last weekend-her husband reckons he will never get her out of the boat now!!
- Dan McCashney and his mate Big Al fished up stream from the swan hill boat ramp last sunday morning with Big Al landing a PB with a 84cm and two others a 63cm and 58cm on a black/pink codger.
- A 72cm and a 56cm cod was landed trolling dark coloured lures near Greenham Lane last weekend.
- Had a bloke in yesterday who said he landed several cod up to 62cm on a trolled red stumpjumper with black stripes,he also picked up a 35cm yella on the same lure.

- Finally some good news coming from Kyalite with some nice size cod caught over easter,with Dick Reynolds sending me photos of a 79cm and 2 at 64cm caught on pealed yabby tails or scrubbies amongst the snags.Also saw photos of a 75cm caught by Blinky and a 74cm caught by Ivan on the pubs facebook page.
Good numbers of yellas were also caught at Kyalite and Stoney Crossing on small yabbies and scubbies.

- A holiday maker at the caravan park landed a 42cm yella and an undersize cod,fishing with yabbies from the bank.

# 1st photo is young Lucius Gilmour with his first cod.
2nd is Leah Geisler with her 98cm caught at Nyah.
3rd & 4th are cod from Dick Reynolds caught in the Wakool at Kyalite.
5th & 6th are Big Al's from last sunday caught at swan hill.
7th is Kellie Willcox with her 1st cod at 91cm caught at swan hill last weekend.

Until next week happy fishing JC

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