Report 19/5/17

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Report 19/5/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri May 19, 2017 11:00 am

It looks like we are going to get a little damp sometime today and tomorrow,but at the moment there is no sign of it.
The Murray has been dropping for the past week but there is a rise on the way with the level at Barham going from 1.67 on mon to 1.94 today.
Most of our rivers are still fishing very well for yellas,with the Murray here at Swan Hill being the prime spot for cod.

- A good mate of mine Rick McFarlane camped at Lock 9 with a group of mates last weekend,and as he put it,had the best weekends yella fishing for many years.They caught a swag of fish up to 49cm on shrimp and yabbies with there backs peeled off them,fishing in deep water.They also caught 2 good size redfin and a couple of smaller ones.=I also heard that the yellas were going off at Lock 8.
- Dan O'Bryan and Jason Stevens trolled around Goat Island last friday and finished up with 3 cod between 55 and 69cm in less than an hour,using codger and oargee lures-they said they had plenty of hits as well.
- Kane Maniapoto was trolling a heavy orange Bassman Spinnerbait 500mtrs from the swan hill bridge during the week and landed a 1.02mtr cod-later on in the day he also landed an a 80cm and a couple of smaller ones on bait.
- Miah Attwell fished between the Barham and Koondrook boat ramps last friday/saturday and landed 9 cod between 50 and 60cm on bait.

- A couple of mates fished near swan hill last wednesday afternoon and finished up with 6 yellas up to 49cm on worms.

- Paul who is staying at the pub fished the Wakool on monday after work and finished up with a 52-48-34cm yellabelly on yabbies and scrubworms and Barnsy said that both the wakool and edward rivers are producing good size yellas on bait and a few have been caught on lures.

# This weeks photos:
- Yellas from Lock 9
- Cod from around Goat Island.
- 1.02 mtr near the swan hill bridge
- Cod from barham/koondrook
- Yellas from Kyalite.

Until Next Week - Happy Fishing JC

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