Report 22/6/17

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Report 22/6/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jun 30, 2017 2:12 pm

I would'nt let this weekends rain prediction put you off fishing, the forecast for Swan Hill for sat & sun is a 50% chance of less than 1mm for both days,with tops of 15 and little wind,and the barometer is currently sitting on 1032.

- Some positive news from above Mildura when a group of mates fished between Lock 9 and 10 over the June long weekend and finished up with 18 cod ranging from 54cm to 86cm and over 200 yellas with the biggest at 51.5cm-all fish were caught on lures and released.
Hopefully this is a sign that the cod are coming back upstream after the floods,because I heard recently that several big cod had been coming through the fish ladder at lock 9.
- A couple of mates fished a back water eddy from the bank at Wemen last week with bibless vibes(red/black the most popular)and finished up with 25 yellas.
- The Belsar Island area is also producing good numbers of yellas on small yabbies and worms.
- Here at Swan Hill I just had a bloke in looking for bait and he said that he had caught a couple of legal yellas and a 55cm cod near the Abbs yesterday fishing from the bank and another bloke luring with a black/green oargee last sunday near Brooks lane landed a 51 and 57cm cod,but he said it was pretty hard going.

- There have been reports of a few redfin being caught on soft plastics in the past week.

- Following on from last weeks report Dan and his dad from the Big 4 caravan park fished around the structures on the thursday and landed several yellas and redfin and his dad caught a 65cm cod with most fish caught on vibes.
Then on the sat morning Jason landed a couple of good size yellas and several redfin fishing all over the lake-so fishing is not only restricted to the structures.
Then on the sunday some mates from the Boga Angling club finished up with some redfin and yellas up to 40cm fishing near the structures.
I had a local that lives on the lake in during the week and he told me that he had been catching good size reddies,fishing off the pier with Yondex and Hogback spinners.
But from what I'm hearing the majority of the fish are being caught in the mornings and you need a good fish finder to locate the structures,even though they are marked with yellow. bouys.

# This week's photos are fish caught at Lake Boga in the past week.

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