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Report 15/7/17

Posted: Fri Jul 21, 2017 10:38 am
by Nicole Penfold
Another quiet week on the fishing front,with not much to report apart from the Murray River which has settled at 1.96mtrs for the past few days with a water temp of 8.9degs which is bloody cold,even for fish!!

- The report from Wentworth to the Rufus River is that there have been plenty of yellas taking yabbies and scrubworms and a couple of small cod have been caught near the Rufus.
- A few yellas have been picked up on bait near the Murray/Murrumbidgee junction over the past week.
- At Swan Hill a couple of yellas were landed near the Floodway on shrimp last saturday,then went off the bite.

- Had a bloke in on thuesday wanting a couple dozen yabbies for his dad who had been fishing the river near Mellool about a week ago,where he had landed 20 odd cod ranging from 40cm to 61cm on yabbies over a four day period,so he was going back to try his luck again.

No reports from the lakes again this week!

Until Next Week-JC

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