Report 15/9/17

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Report 15/9/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Sep 15, 2017 4:48 pm

We got teased with a couple of warms days early in the week and then it shit itself again.The forecast for the next week or so looks more promising and that will increase the water temps in our rivers and lakes,which will invigorate the yellas and reddies as they start to spawn.

- Cory Douglas sent me a photo of 10 large yellas he and his wife caught at Lock 7 last weekend,fishing with shrimp and worms.He said most fish were caught around sundown.
- Several yellas up to 50cm were caught near the swan hill boat ramp out near the Abbs and at Caeli Lane using shrimp and scrubworms and crawlers.

- The yellas are still on the bite between swan hill and the castle donnington weir.One bloke landed a good feed fishing with scrubworms at the pental island bridge in town on tuesday.

- One angler fishing at Kyalite early in the week landed a couple of yellas measuring 55cm fishing with scrubbies.
- The Genoe area is also producing good size yellas on worms and shrimp.

- As I previously said the regulators are open and Kangaroo Lake and and at Flood Lane(Third Reedy),so it wont take long for them to start firing up.

- No word yet but as we start to get consistent warms days the reddies and yellas should start to come on the bite on both bait and lures/ vibes etc.

Bring on the warm weather so I can start getting some yabbies in stock!!!

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