Report 8/12/17

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Report 8/12/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Dec 08, 2017 1:44 pm

One week into the season and from the reports I keep getting in on a daily basis,we are in for another great cod season in the Murray around Swan Hill,with multiple catchs everytime people hit the water.China Gibson reported in todays guardion that one camp on the murray at swan hill last weekend landed 70 cod.

The Murray is still rising and is sitting at 2.46mtrs and there is more water coming through Barham.The Wakool river is rising at the Coonamit Bridge and at Stoney Crossing.The Edward river at Moulamein is expecting another rise within days and the Niemur River is also rising.
AND there is no rain in sight with temps ranging from 24 to 36 degs over the next 7 days.

- Lock 10 is producing good numbers of yellas on worms with Cinnamon Pollock sending me a photo of her 46cm she caught.
- Had a couple of guys in during the week who spent last weekend at Robinvale where they caught some big yellas up to 5 1/2 pound on yabbies and shrimp.
- Alex Smouts sent a photo of a 99cm fish he caught on a big yabby fishing between the Abbs and the Tyntynder reserve during the week.
- Hear at Swan Hill anglers are picking up cod of all sizes either from a boat or off the bank using yabbies,grubs,shrimp,worms and other sorts of baits.
- Had a local in on wednesday who has been fishing near Caeli Lane during the week and he said he had landed 10 cod over 3 days,with the biggest he estimated to be around 40lb and that was caught on a ball of shrimp.
- Still hearing reports of good size cod being caught in the Murrabit area on all baits.
- Kyle Anderson landed a couple of cod on a yellow/green oargee lure at Barham early in the week.

- Spoke to Vicki from the Kyalite pub earlier and she said that there were a few cod caught between 60-70cm on bait last weekend and she also said that she did see a photo of 1.1mtr which was caught on a grub.
She also said that were'nt many anglers around like everywhere due to the weather-hopefully this weekend will be different..

- Jason from the caravan park sent me a photo of a 45cm silver caught by a Mr. Polijarev on worms.

- One bloke picked up 22 reasonable size redfin last wednesday fishing with lures. And another bloke landed 4 yellas around 48cm last sunday fishing with yabbies.

- A local couple have been fishing for reddies at the lake and have landed catches of 55-30-20 over 3 days.All fish have been caught on minnows and they said they have been fishing in the lake with the wind behind them.

I am expecting the a lot of people will make this weekend there Cod Opening and a lot more reports and photos to come in!!

JC's Bait & Tackle
488 Campbell St
Swan Hill VIC 3585
03 5033 0407

Cinnamon Pollock's 46cm yella.

Alex Smout's 99cm cod.
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Mr. Polijarev with a 45cm silver perch.
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