Report 15/12/17

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Report 15/12/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Dec 15, 2017 1:07 pm

The rains in the east of victoria have made an impact on the murray in this area over the past week,with a high fast flowing river,but it is starting to fall here at swan hill-its fallen a half a metre at barham since monday and it should do the same at here and continue to fall back to a good summer level just in time for the xmas/school holidays.
The high river shut the fishing down here at swan hill last week with only a few reports coming in-but as the river has done in the past fishing will pick up on falling river.

- Wayne Turner sent a photo of a good batch of yellas him and his mates caught at Lock 7 using shrimp.
- Ross Rohde sent me a photo of an 88cm cod he caught on a yabby at Kenley last weekend.
- Deakin Mckay also sent in a photo of a 55cm cod he caught halfway between the Big 4 and the Pental Island caravan parks.
- Grant Jones put in at Greenham lane last saturday morning and landed a couple of good size yellas
- The guy I get my scrubbies from said he saw a photo of a 95cm cod caugth at Pental Island during the week-I'm waiting on a copy of the photo.

- A mate from Kerang called into the shop during the week and said the he and his son landed several yellas up to 40+cm with shrimp at Fish Point last saturday.

- A regular customer told me during the week that a mate of his caught an estimated 17lb cod on a big yabby in the wakool upstream from the Coonamit bridge.
- Barnsy said the things had been a bit quite in the Kyalite area over the past week, he said the river had been up and down but it should start to settle.

- A rise is expected at Moulamien in the coming week which should stimulate things in the river.
- Had a fellow in last saturday and he said he was fishing from the bank at Moulamein the week before and managed to get a big cod to the bank before it snapped the line at the hook-he reckoned it was somewhere between 70-80cm.

- Wayne Turners Lock 7 yellas.
- Ross Rohdes 88cm Kenley cod.
- Deakin McKays 55cm Swan Hill cod.

JC's Bait & Tackle
488 Campbell St
Swan Hill VIC 3585
03 5033 0407

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