Report 29/12/17

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Report 29/12/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Tue Jan 02, 2018 3:19 pm

The Murray here at swan hill is currently sitting at 1.57mtrs and is starting to clear up and we are starting to hear of cod being caught on lures in the last couple of days.

- A regular fishing at Belsar Island rang to say that his mate landed a 56cm cod on a black/purple lure.
- Just had a guy in who is camped at Boundary Bend and he said the yellas come on the bite yesterday with some measuring between 40 to 50cm,with most fish caught on yabbies and scrubbies.
- Matty Lyon sent me a couple of photos of a 55 & a 60cm cod that he and his young son caught at the exact same time using scrubworms-they had only been on the water for a short time when they had the double hook-up.
- Kane Maniapoto fishing locally landed 6 cod with the biggest at 80cm over the xmas break.
- Campers at the Big 4 caravan park have been picking up some nice cod with a 62cm caught the day before xmas day and young Jacob Smale landed a 63cm the other day.
- The Floodway area is also producing some nice fish with one bloke landing a 60cm cod on a blue/green lure,then he landed a 76cm on two yabbies.And I heard yesterday that a 90cm was landed on bait on wednesday.
- Wes Brennan sent me a photo of his 110cm cod( a PB) he caught fishing upstream from Koondroon with a dark purple lure.

- Reports from Balranald of a few yellas taking bait.

- The reports from Kyalite are that things are a bit slow with the river still dropping with only the odd yellabelly getting caught on scrubbies and small yabbies.

- Kaylene Adams sent me two photos and a good size yella and an estimated 70cm cod picked up trolling a black/yellow oargee on boxing day.

This Weeks Photos:
- Jacod Smales cod at the Big 4 caravan park.
- Kane Maniapotos of a couple of cod.
- Kaylene Adams Lake Charm yella and cod caught on lures.
- Wes Brennans PB at 110cm caught near Koondrook.
- Matty Lyon and his sons double hook-up.

Dont forget keep sending your photos in with your catches-its much appreciated

Until Next Week-Happy Fishing JC.

JC's Bait & Tackle
488 Campbell St
Swan Hill VIC 3585
03 5033 0407


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