Report 18/1/18

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Report 18/1/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Jan 18, 2018 2:29 pm

It's going to be a little cosy for the next few days,so a few shady trees might be the order of the day.
The Murray hear at swan hill has been steadily rising and is currently sitting at 1.9mtrs.

- Two boats fishing at Hattah last weekend finished up with a heap of yellas and a couple of small cod on yabbies,scrubworms and shrimp.Had I heard of another camp landing 23 good size yellas also on bait.
- The fishing here at swan hill has been pretty good with the following reports:-
- Cod up to 65cm have been caught in the Goodnight area on both bait and lures.
- A bloke brought his wife, who has hardly ever fished,to swan hill for the first time and they fished between the Abbs and town and she landed a 95 and a 105cm cod on yabbies last thursday and he got nothing-he has vowed never to bring her back again!!
- A 70cm and a 71cm were landed near the Big 4 caravan park,one was on a black/green predatec by Sid Welsh who sent me a photo.
-Brad Kelly and his mate fished near town during the week and landed a 64cm cod on a frog coloured stumpjumper(photo)
- Jamie Key and his brother fished between Tooleybuc and Murrabit last week and he sent me photos of several cod up to 63cm they caught on stumpjumpers and chicken.
- A bloke came back to the shop to say the crawlers I sold him the day before had worked a treat,with a 45cm and a 68cm landed from the bank at the Caeli land "boat" ramp.
- Jacinta Ray sent me a photo of a 57cm cod she caught at Brooks Lane a couple of days ago and I saw a photo of a 54cm yella which was landed on shrimp.

- Had a bloke in who said that he had been catching several cod up to 60cm on worms over the past few days.

- Daniel Sydes sent me a photo of a 48cm yella he caught on chicken/shrimp the other day.

- The lake is producing yellas and a few redfin on most baits and lures.

- A few redfin have been picked up in the early mornings and late evenings on minnows,small yabbies and some on small lures.

This Weeks Photos:
- Sid Welsh's 71cm caught near the Big 4 park.
- Jacinta Ray's Brooks lane cod.
- Daniel Syde's Wakool yella.
- Jamie Key's cod photos.
- Brad Kelly's 64cm cod.
- And the last photo is of my grandson Dallas with his very first fish from the Murray river-it might have been a small carp,but he did'nt care as you can tell from his smile!!!

## I have been getting heaps of phone calls about Australia Day, and YES I will be OPEN all weekend.

Until Next Week-Keep cool on the river - JC

JC's Bait & Tackle
488 Campbell St
Swan Hill VIC 3585
03 5033 0407

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