Report 22/2/18

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Report 22/2/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Feb 23, 2018 1:53 pm

Lake Eildon:
68.55% down 0.91% this week.
Fishing: 8/10.
Eildon has been fishing well and seems to be the most popular location for locals. The Redfin action continues with hundreds of fish being caught in a session. Most fish are below that 28cm mark but a few fish between 35-40cm have been caught. I looks like the points are starting to slow and anglers are reporting picking up fish on the flats and trees. To find a school many anglers have been trolling ac invaders, halco crazy deeps, stump jumpers and Austackle sakanas until they get a double hook up and see a fair amount of fish on the sounder. Then double back and throw an anchor out or spotlock and lay into them. Dropshotting continues to get the job done using berkley drop shot minnows, 2” strike tiger grubs and fish arrows. White and motor oil the best colours. Blades and soft vibes like strike pro’s, storm sx70’s and atomic semi hard 60’s all going well. Once you smashing them don be afraid to throw a bigger plastic or soft vibe (80-120mm) as there is always predators around the Redfin and it’s how some of the bigger Redfin have been getting caught. Bait has also been great on the schools with worms and shrimp always catching fish. Bigger yabbies have also been good for the predators. The yellas have been ok and most are being picked up around the trees. A few fish have been caught gulping the trees and same as jackalls fished in the tops of the trees. Bait in the trees is much the same as the Redfin. Worms, shrimp and yabbies. Trolling has been ok on the cod, warren was broken off on a larger specimen last weekend fishing over the goughs side of the lake. The lures have varied from angler to angler but they all seem to be running a purple and a Fluro colour. Good news also for the trout angler as a few have been picked up very early in the morning on pink, white tassies and rainbow trout rapalas in the delatite. No big ones but they are in pretty good condition as they seem to be eating small Redfin at the moment. Still the choice for anglers at the moment.

Lake Nillahcootie:
81.70% down 2.16% this week.
Fishing: 7/10.
Nillah has either been great or poor from reports. One day you land half a dozen yellas and a few cod then the next day nothing. On the good days trolling has been the go using codgers, stumpys, oar-gees and Spinnerbaits. Red/black, pink/purple, pink/black have all been successful colours. A few nice fish have been landed over the last fortnight between 65-80cm with a few big specimens getting the better of the angler and breaking them off. Bait fishing has been ok amongst the trees with worms and shrimp much the same as the bank fishing. A few anglers are getting some Redfin from the bank casting white plastics and spinners.

Lake Hume:
55.42% down 2.49% this week.
Fishing: 7/10.
Had a chat with cliff this morning and he has had some good success on the Redfin. A few crackers going over 40cm. He also stated that the yellas have been pretty patchy but are are around. Cliff has a Facebook page:
- cliff fishing adventures on the border Albury wordings region.
All the info you need is on his page so have a squiz if your heading that way for a fish.

88.92% down 0.11% this week.
A few loaals have ventured up to dart this last fortnight for mixed results. It seems to be a day to day lake and colours can change in an instant. The only thing that has stayed consistent is the depth you need for your downrigger which has been 40-55ft. As I stated the colours have been all different but white, orange and brown have all had their day. Some anglers have had 6-10 fish for a day then other aren’t even getting a hit so if you are heading up make sure your changing all the time to maximise fishing results.

Benalla Bait & Tackle
191 Bridge St
Benalla, Victoria
Ph: (03) 5762 3704

Top left: Brigga with a cracker 90cm cod caught out of his kayak using a hardbody.
Top right: Cliff with 2 cracker Redfin from Hume.
Bottom left: Picko with a nice yella out of the kayak.
Bottom middle: Gazza smacked this yella flicking in the broken.
Bottom right: Brad with this healthy yella caught while paddling around.

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