Report 16/3/18

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Report 16/3/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Mar 16, 2018 1:34 pm

The long weekend was successful for most anglers I have talked to with most lakes producing great fishing. Also the annual Pirtek fishing challenge is on this Sunday the 18th.

Lake Eildon:
65.02% down 1.64% this week.
Fishing: 7.5/10
Eildon produced good fishing on the weekend with most anglers catching fish. Most anglers targeted Redfin and sounds like most had success. As stated in the last report the Redfin have become more tedious with schools firing initially then going off the bite. This is where you incorporate worms and shrimp or small 1-2” plastics to get them going again. Anglers have tended to fish a spot for 20min or so until they go off then find another spot and keep rotating through spots to maximise results. Drop shot continues to fish really well along with soft vibes and blades. Now that these fish are changing patterns we must do the same. A colour change or different profile lure could be the key to cleaning up so changing up is required. Anglers went well baitfishing amongst the trees getting yellas to 51cm and cod to 70cm. Worms, shrimp and yabbies all working. Didn’t hear anyone chasing trout this week but as the days get shorter and cooler this will change. The anglers chasing cod put in a lot of hours for not much. Trolling worked best as some anglers casted hours for nothing.

Lake Mulwala:
96.30% up 2.64% this week.
Bulk reports coming from Mulwala over the weekend and all reports were the same. Heaps of cod but most were undersized. All forms of fishing seemed to work well. Trolling 55mm codgers claimed a lot of fish as did 90mm ac invaders. Anglers also trolled Spinnerbaits in the shallows for great success too. A common colour came up and it was pink. One anger said he only ever caught fish on something that had pink on it and he was trolling and castings. Bait fishers went well on grubs, cheese and yabbies more up the bundalong end of the lake but 9/10 fish are undersize, a lot around that 50-54cm range. I have seen some big fish on other pages pushing well over the meter mark, it’s still the go to get onto the cod!

Lake Nillahcootie:
74.65% down 2.28% this week.
Fishing: 7/10.
Nillah continues to drop and the fishing is getting better. The last week I have had a lot of anglers report in and say that it’s been consistent enough for their liking. Mick landed a 55 and a 53 cod off the bank on bait. Other anglers have been using worms and shrimp and landing a lot of yellas from the bank. The trollers have been going well using pink, purple and red/black. Perch patten hardbodies and Spinnerbaits have also been working well. Anglers anchoring off points using shrimp and blades have been landing heaps of yellas, it’s just a matter of using your sounder to find the best spots.

Hume is producing heaps of small Redfin at the moment with a couple of big ones around but hard to get past the small ones to get the good ones.
Haven’t heard anything from dart but a few local anglers are heading up today.
Waranga is fishing ok at the moment with the better Redfin getting picked up on small yabbies and shrimp. Troll around until you find a patch of fish and anchor off them.

Pirtek fishing challenge is this Sunday.
In the Murray darling basin the target species are:
Cod but only on lures
For more info click here.

Enjoy the weekend fishos!

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Top left: Matty Campbell with a nice cod flicking out of his kayak.
Top right: Wazza with a solid Eildon cod caught on the troll.
Middle left: Richo with a lovely 70cm cod caught at eildon.
Middle middle: Rhett got this 55cm cod on a 10” redfin swimbait at bundalong.
Middle right: Shane with a healthy yella on the cast.
Bottom two photos: Today enjoyed his morning out at nillah catching this cod and yella along with a few Redfin.

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