Report 25/10/18

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Report 25/10/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Oct 26, 2018 3:39 pm

We have had a bit of rain the last week or so and that has help get the yellas and trout up and about.

Lake Nillahcootie:
60.34% down 0.22%
Nillah has finally shown some form that we know it can produce this time of year. By far the best way to hook up is to baitfish off the bank using worms and small yabbies. Some anglers are getting over 10 a session but at least half of the yellas are undersized. Trolling has been a bit slow with only a couple of fish reported, we should see this improve very soon. We fished out there last Sunday for 3 fish but we had a pretty consistent day with many dropped fish and hits. We were tying up to trees and hopping soft vibes and blades around the base of the trees. The “shake and bake” method was implemented and really was the difference of us catching fish I recon. This method involves using lipless crankbaits vertically and going loose then tight repetitively on the bottom for say 6-10 times then softly lift the rod so you get 4-8 kicks from the lure then drop it down and repeat. It’s a slower yet very effective method and one to have in the arsenal over the rest of the warmer months.

Lake Eildon:
61.01% down 0.49%
Eildon has been the fishers choice the last fortnight and for good reason. Most anglers I have been talking to have been fishing the Delatite side of the lake. Trolling has been getting better with 2-5 yellas being picked up in the troll. Anglers have been running size 2 stumpjumpers, ac invader (50mm,30ft), halco crazy deeps and predatek 65mm. Colours have been gold/orange, green/ orange, red/black and purple. 12-20ft around points and rocky bank seems to be the go at the moment. A few yellas have been getting picked up on worms and small yabbies amongst the trees also. The Redfin are starting to show up but there is still a lot of fish that haven’t spawned yet with milk or eggs squirting out at anglers as the land their fish. Once they have spawned we will have an abundance of baitfish for the summer. I haven’t talked to anyone chasing trout or cod recently but a few locals are heading over this weekend and hopefully have a good report for next week.

I haven’t had any first hand reports from Hume, waranga or dart the past week but they all should be really good options for this time of year. If you have fished these locations recently feel free to comment below.

In other news we have the yabbies net exchange net in stock but are going fast. We also have a heap of care for cod info and stickers for you to read up on and slap a sticker on your boat or car.

Benalla Bait & Tackle
191 Bridge St
Benalla, Victoria
Ph: (03) 5762 3704

Top left: Leasky with a solid Eildon yella caught on the troll
Top right: Willis with a 53cm river yella out of the yak.
Middle left and right: James “spider” Webb with 2 yellas for Nillahcootie caught on soft vibes.
Bottom left: Blakey with a nice yella caught on a soft vibe.
Bottom right: Myself with a little yella caught on a strike pro blade at Nillahcootie.

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