Report 6/6/19

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Report 6/6/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Jun 06, 2019 2:42 pm

Most impoundments are on the rise now but more rain is required to improve some fishing. Cray season is now in session and from anglers last weekend it looks like numbers are really good at the moment and should improve more as it gets cooler.

Queens birthday weekend brings the end of the Vic trout season in rivers and streams on Tuesday 11 June at 12.01am 2019 and will reopen on Friday 6th September at 11.59pm.

64.27% up 0.06% this week.
Dart hasn’t been the greatest this season yet but I hope it goes off this weekend for the anglers fishing the dart cup! Troy fished there last weekend landing 9 fish. They all came off a few different coloured tassies. Frog, pink panther, wagasaki and holographic were his most consistent colours. Biggest fish was just shy of a kilo. Downrigging and leadcore have been the best applications so far this season. Some of the more successful colours this year have been #8 midnight(disc) #39 harlequin, #50 frog, #55 pink panther, #72 eliminator, #88 gold zebra, #126 smashing pumpkin, #127 kg special, #holo and #y82 Canberra killer. A few have been picked up on cowbells and worms also.

Lake William hovell:
56.75% up 13.02% this week.
William hovell is on the rise and the water is covering some new ground. This means the trout and Redfin will be feeding along these areas. This is one of the best times to fish up there off the bank. Worms are all that’s required at the moment but you can throw some soft plastics and spinners around. For the boaters a few trout have been picked up on brown or orange tassies on flatline and leadcore. A few have also been caught on cowbells and worms. As I said one of the best times of year to get up there and catch some fish!

Lake Nillahcootie:
25.38% down 0.20% this week.
Nillah has really slowed over the last few weeks unfortunately. A few smaller yellas and cod have been picked up off the bank on worms and frozen shrimp. Only heard of a couple of cod caught trolling Spinnerbaits around 12ft of water.

Lake Eildon:
36.17% up 0.23% this week.
Eildon has been getting better and better as it’s been getting cooler. Trout have been going ok over the coughs bay side of the lake. Tassie colours as usual have been white and pink variants. A few have been caught on orange and silver also. Most flatline and on leadcore. Bullet lures have also been successful in roach, paceys perch, Redfin and pearl widow. A few trout have also been caught while trolling for Redfin and yellas on 50mm ac invaders and halco’s crazy deeps. The cod fishing for the anglers targeting them has been a little slow but trolling Spinnerbaits has been the best way to get onto them. The Redfin fishing has been good over the Delatite side of the lake and Bait has been far more successful than plastics and hard baits. Worms, shrimp and prawns all good options in the trees. A few yellas have been caught also by bait fishing the trees and leaving a scrubby half way up the tree for the yellas sitting off the branches.

95.17% up 1.06% this week.
Mulwala has been good on the big fish but that’s no surprise this time of year. Gantia’s have been the most successful swimbait at the moment. A few have also been picked up on bigger chatterbait. Triple paddlers in different brands have been ok on top, better than wakebaits at the moment. If u want big cod hit the lake or the Murray river.

Haven’t heard anything on Waranga, Buffalo and Hume directly but are all great options for This time of year with all these lakes rising.

Be safe on the roads and on the water this long weekend and I hope you all hook up!

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