Report 16/10/15

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Report 16/10/15

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Oct 16, 2015 4:56 pm

Impoundments are on the drop but the fishing has been ok.

Lake Nillahcootie: 54.78%
Fishing: 6/10.
I want to talk about nillah for a bit. Last Sunday 2 cod over a meter were found dead along the shore line, cause of death unknown. It may be due to poor handling of the fish, stress or natural causes we just don't know. The best thing we can do as anglers is to fish within reason. Choose to use lite gear:
1. 8-12lb leader.
2. Use 2-4,3-6 kg rods.
3. Run a smaller reels.
4. Use smaller profiled lures, tempting yellowbelly more than a cod.

In saying that you can't tell a fish not to strike your lure but the above will give you the better chance of tempting a yella. Any lure under 60mm will give you a better chance to catch a yellowbelly, but the likes of a size 2 stumpy is a yellowbellys delight. We just have to be vigilant and to the best of our ability give ourselves the better chance of catching a yella over a cod. And as stated before there is no way of telling a cod to not take your lure. If you do hook a cod please release as quickly and safely as possible.

Now onto some reports!
Nillah has been fishing well around the trees at the mansfield end of the lake. Shrimp and worms are working well and the yabbies seem to be getting the bigger fish. A few anglers have caught some Redfin of the bank casting natural coloured soft plastics. Trollers using small stumpys, halco's and codgers have picked up a few Yellas.

Lake Eildon: 55.83%
Fishing: 6/10.
You have to put in the hours to get good results. Casters seem to be doing a lot better on lipless crankbaits in 15-25ft of water. Trollers with deep diving small profiled lures like 30ft ac invaders, halco crazy deeps and predatek boomerang 60's are getting a few a session. Reddies have been few and far between for some reason. Trout anglers are going well around goughs on white, pink or silver tassies on the flatline and lead core 3-4 colours.

Broken river: low
Fishing: 6/10.
The brokens yellowbelly action is getting better and better. Bait fishos using worms and shrimp have been getting the most bites, Yabbies haven't been as good. Small stumpys and oar gee pee wees in gold, green, orange, black are the better colours.

Lake Hume: 45.74%
Hume is fishing well, yellow belly captures are consistent for casters, trollers and baiters. Plastics and lipless crank baits have been working well on both the cast and dead sticking. Darker colours with bright highlights seems to be popular. Silver, red and greens are also worth a go. Trout action is still there, troll tassies in silver like Rudolph(#69) and pretty fish (#63).

Enjoy the weekend fishos!


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Matt Jacobs with a nice yella on the cast in the broken.

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