Report 31/10/15

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Report 31/10/15

Post by Nicole Penfold » Mon Nov 02, 2015 9:11 am

Lake Nillahcootie: 53.38%
Fishing: 7/10.
The Yellas are becoming more frequent on the troll of late. 40-55mm lures with running depths of 3-5m have been going the best. Darker colours like black, purple, and green with hints of Fluro have been going well. Bait fishos are having some great success off the bank using worms and shrimp. A lot of smaller Yellas and the occasional Redfin are keeping anglers busy. Yet again more meter plus cod have been washed up dead on the banks, cause of death unknown. A few smaller ones (45-70cm) have also been found dead. The authorities are onto it and hopefully they can figure out why so many cod are dying.

Lake Eildon: 53.69%
Fishing: 6.5/10.
November is almost apon us and that means golden month. Many anglers this week caught some nice bags of fish (4-9 Yellas) either casting lipless crankbaits or slow rolling trees with plastics. Trollers are getting a few but not as good as the casters. Trout action as very good in the afternoons with a few good bug hatches happening. Make sure you troll the wind blown side where the food gets blown to. Reddies are small with only a few reports of better fish. (30cm+) worms getting the job done around trees in 25-40ft.

Broken river: low
The broken is pretty stagnant at the moment with green slime plaguing the river, every time your lure hits a log she gets slimed up. But it you can put up with it rewards await. Small stumpys in frog, black gold, or red black have been killers on the Yellas. Matt Jacobs proves that with the fish pictured. Bait fishos are going well on worms, shrimp and small yabbies. Yabbies are getting the bigger Yellas and a shrimp/worm cocktail is getting more smaller fish.

Looks to be a bit of a moist one this weekend, but you just don't know with the weather these days so don't write off your long weekend!

Benalla Bait & Tackle
191 Bridge St
Benalla, Victoria
Ph: (03) 5762 3704
Top left: my dad Jason with his best brown from Jindabyne this week, around 6lb.
Top right: Shane Mackay with a solid yella caught during the Hume classic.
Bottom left: Mitch Dansey's big Eildon brown won biggest trout at the Mountain Bay Classic.
Bottom right: Matt Jacobs is at it again landing more yellas casting in the Broken River.

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