Report 24/3/16

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Report 24/3/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Mar 25, 2016 10:46 pm

Easter fishing report!

Trading hours:
Sat 26th: 8am-1pm
Sun 27th: 8am-1pm
Mon 28th: 8am-1pm

Lake Nillahcootie: 29.06%
Fishing: 6.5/10.
Nillah is holding up alright for the amount of water left in the lake. Trollers fishing the river bed drop offs are getting the better fish. Storm Arashi's, ac invaders and stumpys in pink/purple, red/black and rainbow colour have been the more successful colours. A few fishos have been drifting yabbies to some great success, some big Yellas being caught, a southerly breeze is best for this method. Bank fishos who are close to drop offs are getting some nice cod to 60cm. Same deal as before, slowly moving their baits every now and again if the fish are sitting there looking at it.

Lake Eildon: 35.53%
Fishing: 6/10.
The cod are still on the chew and with the water consistently dropping its opened up more prime fishing depths. Predatek boomerangs and ac invaders are prime trolling lures. Colours have varied with purple, pink, green and red all catching fish. I'd say its more your lure is in the zone is the reason cod are being caught. Around the wall to Bonnie doon has been a good area and also along the right hand bank of goughs bay. Redfin have been quiet again with anglers finding more fish in deeper water. Big river to the wall seems to be the most popular are to catch a reddy. Yellas have been so so at the moment a few being caught trolling and a few bait fishing.

Lake William hovell:
Fishing: 5/10.
A few small Redfin have been caught on plastics off the bank more towards the top end if the lake. Boaters drifting worms and plastics are finding a few more better sized ones but nothing massive. Haven't heard about the trout as yet but they can't be far away!

Waranga basin: 39.73%
Fishing: 7/10.
Personally fished waranga for 5 days last week. Trolling was by far the best method. 90% of the fish were caught on austackle sakana 40xd. I draw the Redfin pattern on the muddy bronze colour and that's what they smashed. Also running a small plastic above the hard body caught some fish. The yella pictured also was caught on the custom Redfin pattern. We had a tally running between us (friendly mates comp) and we landed 93 Redfin, 1 yella, 2 carp 1 on the troll and 1 on worms. We anchored when it was windy and tried burley for the reddies. We caught 2-3 reddies on worms but did better casting plastics and jigging blades. I think around 10 of the reddies went over 30cm, so a lot of rats around but good fun. Most the bigger Redfin were caught in 15-18ft. We found most the better schools of fish were deep but the next few month will see them cruse up into 3-4m of water.

Broken river: low
Fishing: 6/10.
For a few local anglers they have had a ball catching lots of Yellas the last few weeks but the majority of anglers are getting 1-3 fish in a session. With the water low you really have to be tight on the structure and throw a few extra casts in the right spots. As its low you can figure out where they should be hiding. Spinnerbaits have been the go for cod and 50-70mm hard body's have been awesome on the Yellas. Bait fishing has been slow a lot of moving and patience is required to get a few. Shrimp and worms for Yellas and yabbies for the cod, if you have a grub I'd be throwing that out first.

I hope you all enjoy the Easter long weekend and you all stay safe on the road and on the water!


Benalla Bait & Tackle
191 Bridge St
Benalla, Victoria
Ph: (03) 5762 3704
Top left: Shano smashed this 75cm+ cod out of the kayak in the broken river; Top right:
Basty with a nice yella caught on the cast using the custom Redfin colour austackle wobbler;
Bottom left: Alex Robertson with a 39cm Redfin caught at waranga basin on the troll; Bottom right:
Myself with a hard fighting yella from waranga basin.

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