Report 1/4/16

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Report 1/4/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Apr 01, 2016 5:23 pm

April's here, one of the best months to fish in my personal opinion. Trout become more active, so do the Redfin and the bigger cod come out to play. The biggest factor is that we need rain for optimum fishing.

Lake Eildon:
34.27% down 1.29% this week
Fishing: 5/10.
As the water continues to drop so does the fishing. The cod are least effected by the drop. Predatek boomerangs in the 80 in the deepest diver has been going well. Also attaching a Harros clip and catch has increased the cod bite. Silver blades are working better. Yellas and Redfin have been caught between big river and the start of the delatite arm. A chap popped in during the week and said he was winding his worm off the bottom and was catching Redfin half way up. I told him there is a method called gulping which is the same thing but using a soft plastic. He said he caught most of his Redfin slow rolling 1 worm on a size 6 hook. He also caught a yellowbelly doing the same thing around the trees. So maybe give that a go if your bait fishing the trees. A few small trout were caught over the Easter period on pink and white tassies. The next month should see an increase in trout activity.

Lake Nillahcootie:
25.88% down 1.46% this week
Fishing: 7/10.
Getting lower and lower but the lake is still producing some great fishing. Trollers are really having a ball at the moment. Most trolled fish are being caught in 5-8m of water. 30ft,50mm ac invaders in pink and purple, codgers and storm arashi's are defiantly the go to lures. Bait fishers off the bank are catching a lot of undersized cod but good fun. Moving the bait every now and and again is crucial to catching more fish. Small yabbies and worms getting the job done.

Lake Darmouth:
43.57% down 0.19% this week
Fishing: 8/10.
The local crew of fishos had a cracking Easter easy landing 100+ trout between them all. The fish are deep so 6-9 colours of leadcore or 30-50ft on the downrigger. Orange is a stand out colour at the moment so is natural and silver.

Lake buffalo:
43.86% down 3.52% this week.
Fishing: 6.5/10.
Buffalo was a popular destination as the blue green algae plagues the lower lying areas. Redfin have been caught in good amounts on plastics and blades. A lot of 15-30cm fish but great fun. A few small cod are also getting caught on the troll.

Waranga basin:
38.89% down 0.89% this week.
Fishing: 7/10.
If personal fished it the last 2 weekends. A lot of small Redfin being caught. A few better fish are starting to show up 35cm+. I have found a lot of bigger fish schooled up in 18ft of water. Hopefully these are the big girls slowly moving shallower. Autumn and winter are my favourite times to chase Redfin. You don't get as many but the size is way bigger. The lures I have had the most success on are the custom coloured Redfin austackle sakana, 40mm minnow ac in Redfin and predatek min minn in red/black. A lot of smaller fish ate sitting around the thermocline which was at 11ft last Monday. So troll a shallow diving minnow and a deeper diving hardbody to cover the depths. Running a plastic above your hardbody is also a good rig to run. Specially early, it allows you to see what most the fish are targeting. I have trolled 3inch grubs on a 1/6oz rig head. It gets down 3-4 meters and is dynamite for a subtle lure when they decide to slow down.

Have a great weekend fishos!


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Top left: Paul Bromilow with a brown trolled up at Dartmouth; Top right: jimmy "mclovin" Clarke with a brown also trolled up at dart; Bottom left: Brodie Woolley with a few double hook ups at waranga Easter Monday.; Bottom right: Joshy Briggs continues to dominate the broken, catching this Yella on a custom Redfin pattern austackle wobbler.

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