Report 29/6/16

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Report 29/6/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jul 15, 2016 3:37 pm

Rain, wind and even snow has fallen locally in the last week or so but the lakes are all rising nicely and I think this will improve fishing in impoundments.

Troy mcconachy with a fat 67cm cod caught trolling at Eildon on Sunday.
Bottom left:
A nice haul of fish myself and Warren Sheehan caught recently at Eildon.
Bottom right:
The new tassie devil designs that will be released next month, keen to give a few of them a try!!!

Lake Eildon:
35.29% up 1.62% this week
Fishing: 7/10.
Eildon is starting to turn on a again. The lake is rising well and the condition of the trout improving. We fished it Sunday for 5 trout and a cod. A lot of surface activity and sounding a lot of fish in 2-5m of water. 3 trout were caught on smashing pumpkin, 1 on the frog and the other trout was caught casting a roach patter bullet lure into newly covered bays. The cod way caught on a Austackle wobbler in Redfin pattern. Other locals have caught trout flatlining the usual colours phosphorous pearl, clown, harlequin and bleeding flamingo. Redfin are still around and a few bigger specimens have been caught on 50mm ac invaders.

Lake nillahcootie:
Not going to say much about it, many anglers who know the lake well have had donuts the last few times fishing the lake, it really is a warmer month fishery.

Broken river:
Much the same as nillahcootie, a lot of water is coming down the river at the moment and only a few small cod and carp have been caught on worms.

Waranga basin:
51.45% up 4.21% this week.
Fishing: 6.5/10.
A few better reddies 35cm+ have been caught in the last few weeks. Bait fishing with worms and casting blades seem to be the go for getting the better fish. Around harrimans boat ramp where the inlet Chanel is has been a really good area. No reports of any trout.

Lake Dartmouth:
46.57 up 1.05% this week.
Darts fishing well after the dart cup. A lot more surface action with tassies and bullet lures. Down rigging 30ftish with orange tassies has also been good. Cowbells and worms as the day goes on has been successful. A few locals have been casting tassies, rapalas and bullet lures towards the bank with a few better browns been caught. They like to target gullies that have water flowing into the lake.

I really don't have much else to report about fisho's, it's been fairly cold and motivation decreases. This weekend is shaping up nicely!


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