Report 21/7/16

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Report 21/7/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jul 22, 2016 2:45 pm

G'day fishos for starters sorry for not pitting up reports in the last few weeks due to my shoulder reco. I'm back into work and will be doing a report weekly.

Much has happened since my last report, lots of rain equals impoundments rising and fish becoming more active. The wind has been a pest at times but generally been good to go fishing.

Lake eildon:
40.45% up 1.88%
Fishing: 7/10.
Eildon is the impoundment to fish at the moment. It's risen nicely and a lot of fish have moved into the newly covered ground. Trout have been caught many different ways: trolling has been good with most anglers catching between 2-8 fish a day. There hasn't been a stand out tassie colour the last few weeks. Many local anglers have caught fish on completely different colours. The coloured tassies that are working are:
#39 harlequin.
#50 frog.
#69 Rudolph.
#126 smashing pumpkin.
#129 pink my frog (new colour).
# BR bloody ripper.
# PP phosphorous pearl.
# Y82 Canberra killer.
So looking at the colours white, orange, silver and brown seem to be the go. Fishers casting the bank are catching some nice trout in 1-2m of water over the new covered ground. fish arrow, storm so-runs and squished soft plastic are the better plastics. bullet lures, 5cm rapalas and predatek micro mins the more successful hard body's. try and be as natural as possible in lure colour selection. I prefer to use brown, white, silver and gold colours. The cod fishers are going well both trolling and casting. The casters are probably out fishing the trollers. Casters are using 1oz spinnerbaits and chatter baits. Hopping them down the bank then slow rolling along the bottom. Brighter colours like pink, neon green and orange have been better. Also casting an aggressive deep diver like ac invaders, storm arashi's and 7.6m oar gees. Redfin are a bit scattered but I heard one fisher landing a 4 pound, 47cm brute on a halco crazy deep trolling in 7-10m of water around howqua.

Lake Dartmouth:
49.64% up 0.85%
Fishing: 7.5/10.
Flatlining is really starting to go well with a lot of surface activity. Trolling tight amongst the trees in the morning with tassies and bullet lures has seen some bigger brows caught up to 56cm. As the day goes on 2-4 colours of lead core and cowbells and worms have kept the trout coming into the boat. Brown, orange and pink the best colours to run. As there is a lot of water coming into the lake a few bait fishers have gone well heading up inlets and floating gudgeon and scrub worms close to where the creeks come into the lake.

The broken river is running very high and I haven't heard any reports.

William Hovell has been ok. Now that the lake has filled the best fishing is early and late in the day. Trolling in 25-40ft with 3 colours of leadcore and an orange or brown tassie. If that's not working head out deeper and try attractors and worms. Reddies have been sounded in big schools in 12-20m of water along the boat ramp side, but they seem to be quite inactive with the angler only catching 7 in a school of 100's he said.

Hume is rising heaps at the moment, which we will see it a great spring fishery. A few friends over the last month have fished Hume. No trout from any of them but have had some ok sessions bait fishing for Redfin and catching carp and the occasional yellow belly. Fishers are catching trout and it will only improve as we head into spring.

Check the weather forecasts before you head out this weekend as there is a bit of rain and wind about.


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Molly, Charlotte and Lara with their father Troy enjoyed some beautiful conditions at eildon Saturday catching some nice sized brown trout between 35-42cm.

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