Report 3/8/16

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Report 3/8/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Aug 05, 2016 5:16 pm

Heaps of rain, heaps of wind but a high pressure system is slowly moving over and will provide some much needed conditions!

Lake Eildon:
48.70% up 3.88% this week
Eildon is lining up to fire, so much water has entered the lake and the flooded margins will be the grounds for play, as it was back in 2010-2012. Roach, smelt, gudgeon and any other small fish will be feeding up in the shallows and the big fish won't be far behind. Trout and Redfin love hoarding and smashing schools of small fish. Flicking plastics and small hard bodies well get you fish both off the bank and in the boat. A few locals went over Saturday for only 1 trout but stated there was a lot of activity on the sounder and the surface. One angler caught a couple of nice Redfin and 1 trout bait fishing at the goughs bay boat ramp near the steep rock bank towards the wall, on worms.

Lake Hume:
69.49% up 8.40% this week.
Hume is fishing a bit slow due to the water clarity but by the weekend it should clear up a bit. Small rattling deep diving minnows have caught some Redfin and the occasional yella. Darker colours seem to be the go. Trout are there it's just a matter of getting your lure past one. Trolling around the wall and bridge is your best bet.

Lake Nillahcootie:
83.15% up 17.22% this week.
The big mover of impoundments. Over 35% the lake has filled in the last 2-3 weeks! The bait fishing off the bank has surprisingly good. Worms and shrimp the go for bait. Moving around and moving your bait seems to get the job done as the fish push from the deeper water to find structure.

Lake Dartmouth:
53.76% up 1.40% this week.
Dart been a bit hard to fish due to a lot of rain and wind. The anglers keen enough to fish are getting some nice trout on attractors in the 8 mile. 3-5 colours of Lead core and a natural coloured Tassie is also getting attention. I heard one angler fished around to the right of the boat ramp and landed 4 nice sized browns on worms.

Waranga is around 82% full but very dirty from an angler, no fish on the troll but should fish well in the next few months.

Broken river: we had minor flooding the week as the Hollands, Ryan's and broken all pumping into the Benalla lake, not worth fishing.

Finally we get a good weekend to fish! I'll see you out on the water!


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Bretto the Nillahcootie specialist persisted in the wet catching a few nice natives!

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