Report 12/8/16

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Report 12/8/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Aug 12, 2016 5:02 pm

Hey fishos just a quick report this week. Covering lake levels and a few reports.

Lake Eildon:
51.84% up 1.99% this week

Lake Hume:
78.79% up 5.24% this week

William hovell:
101.63% down 1.44% this week

Lake Nillahcootie:
92.04% up 5.72% this week

Lake Dartmouth:
55.35% up 0.85% this week

Waranga Basin:
86.17% down 0.47% this week

Lake Buffalo:
64.64% down 5.43% this week.

Eildon is still rising well, a bit dirty but fishers are still catching them. Jan and I fish Eildon Sunday Monday with jan catching 2 cod around 60cm, great condition. Caught on a lime green stump jumper,And we both caught a couple of small Redfin each. Other locals had some success of the trout, mostly flatlining green/gold, orange and white tassie devils. Most fish were between 30-44cm but where in better condition than recent times.

Lake Hume:
Much the same as Eildon rising really well but the water is also a little dirty. Some anglers persisting are catching some cracking browns to 7.5lb!!! Tassies like brown bomber, pretty fish, Canberra killer and corroboree frog are catching them. Redfin are about but same as the trout persistence is required. Bait fishing the trees are the best way to catch them just using worms.

A few locals have spent the weekend up there for some great results. Down rigging a red nose bomber down 30- 45ft is consistently catching trout. Also 4-5 colours of lead core or a paravane on the second hole from the front. Cowbells and worms during the day has also claimed a few fish. Most fishers are in the main basin and 8 mile so you don't have to travel to far. Biggest I have heard is a 4.2lb brown and a 3.9lb both on the downrigger.

Just a quick reminder for boaters. Just be careful when motoring around the lakes as there is a lot of floating sticks and logs around,the last thing you want is to lose a prop or leg of the motor.

The weekend weather wise is looking ok, a little bit of wind and a few squalls but overall ok. But always check on the net before you head out as the weather is never 100% predictable.


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