Report 26/8/16

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Report 26/8/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Aug 26, 2016 5:01 pm

How nice is it when the suns out! Unfortunately it's only happening when we are working!

Lake Eildon:
55.28% up 2.40% this week.
Fishing: 5/10.
Eildon is still a bit dirty with bonnie doon, howqua and goulburn arms being discoloured. Goughs towards the wall and big river seems to be the cleanest area and that's where most the trout are coming from. Flatlining tassies like smashing pumpkin, Rudolph and phosphorous pearl have caught fish. So has rapala's and bullet lures. One gentleman came in and he caught 6 trout biggest 4lb on cowbells and worms between goughs and big river. Haven't heard much on the cod scene this week. Bait fishers around peppin point have caught some small Redfin and the occasional yella in 18-30ft of water.

Lake Hume:
86.41% up 3.57% this week.
Fishing: 6/10.
The big trout are still about but the water is still quite dirty,Persistence is required! Pink, white and orange lures seem to be the popular colours and the stretch between ebden along the wall to the bridge the best area. A few Redfin caugh on worm is pretty much all I have personally heard this week.

Lake Dartmouth:
56.36% up 0.70% this week.
Fishing: 7/10.
Dart is still rising slowly and the fish pretty active at the moment. Trolling around the 8 mile seems to be the go from reports. Smashing pumpkins and Canberra killer have been very good tassies of late. 3-4 colours of leadcore or 25ft on the downrigger catching the fish. Cowbells and worms has also men very consistent.

In other news Nillahcootie has finally hit 100%! This should see the Yellas become very active over the next few months as the water warms.

Waranga basin is sitting around 90% but still pretty dirty. Give it time to settle and we should see the reddies fire around spawning.

Buffalo has been fishing ok casting plastics and blades off the bank, up the buffalo arm. Not heaps of Redfin but a bit of fun anyways.

Broken has risen a smidge and consistent flows over the Stockbridge, now that nillah is full we should see a great spawning season for the cod.

Weekends looking ok, maybe a little wind but one of the better weekends we have had recently.

Tight lines,


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Troy and his stepfather battled the wind and rain Saturday at Dart for a nice result!

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