Report 22/9/16

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Report 22/9/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Sep 23, 2016 5:23 pm


The trout fisho's have hit the scoreboard hard in the last few weeks with Hume and Dartmouth producing some awesome fishing!

Top left:
Phil with a nice trout caught on a pink panther tassie not 5 min into the start of the day at Hume.
Top right:
Myself with a healthy brown out of Hume. Caught trolling a 30ft diving, 50mm ac invader:
Middle: troys livewell full of tasty trout from dart.
Bottom left:
Jan is over in New Zealand and couldn't resist fishing some canals. He was rewarded with this trophy size rainbow caught on a Austackle auger glider. No county is safe if jan is around.
Bottom right:
Troy with his young fella holding one of many trout caught at dart. What an awesome photo! Never to young to go fishing.

Lake Dartmouth:
63.21% up 1.57% this week.
Fishing: 9/10.
The Tatong angling group and a group of friends that hold a memorial fishing trip all fished dart this weekend gone. Everybody caught fish on all sorts of things, the trout were just on! A lot of tag members casted rapala's in spotted dog, bullet lures, fish arrow soft plastics and tassies into the trees for great results. They stated that the better quality fish were ins and around the bank. Trollers found most their fish on the flatline and leadcore. Tassie colours were: 126, 63, 118, 123, 131 and y123 plus a few others orange, white and silver tassies. Paul O'Connor caught the biggest brown for the trip and it stretched to 58cm, it was caught on the cast.

Lake Hume:
96.90% steady
Fishing: 7/10.
Phil and I fished Hume Tuesday for a few nice browns and a few Redfin. Early on we found white and pink tassies flatlining was the go and as the day went on we caugh our 2 biggest browns at 3 and 5.5lb on 30ft, 50mm ac invaders while chasing Redfin and yellowbelly. The water clarity was good around ebden and kookaburra point and slowly dirtied as we went past the wall and to the bridge.

Lake Eildon:
63.29% up 2.77% this week.
Fishing: 5/10.
Eildon is quite mediocre at the moment with many local angler struggling to get a bite or a hit over there. The trout fishing has been below average for this time of year. This may be due to the dirty water and visibility. But spring is here and it will eventually fire as it always does when it rises this much. A few cod have been caught by the casters using spinnerbaits and deep diving hard bodies. Bait fishing around the trees has been quiet but as I said it will all happen at once!

Waranga is still pretty dirty but the Redfin are starting to spawn so as the lake clears we should see it become very good.

A few Redfin have been caught at buffalo casting blades and soft plastics off the bank up the buffalo arm.

The weekend looks to be good as we currently have a high pressure system over us. The only thing is there may be a bit of wind around.


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