Report 20/10/16

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Report 20/10/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Oct 21, 2016 10:51 am

The sun's becoming a day to day occurrence and that only means the water temps are rising! And that should mean a vast improvement in the fishing.

Lake Hume:
98.69% up 0.66% this week.
Fishing: 7.5/10.
Hume is really starting to produce some good fishing as good timing too as the Hume classic is on this weekend. Yellas, trout and Redfin are all showing up in quality and numbers. A few local fishos went up recently chasing trout. They landed 5 fish and dropped 2 big fish. Trolling tassies around ended down to Huon provided them the action, Pink and white were still the flavour. The yellas have been good for all forms of fishing as bait, trolling and casting have all produced fish. Bait fishers using shrimp & worms are going well around trees in 15-25ft. Trollers are going well on ac invaders, austackle baby wobblers, McGraths, halco's and predateks. Fluro orange with some green and silver has been going well. The casters flicking jackals are picking up a few active fish then running the likes of blades, plastics and even a plastic with a beetle spin on it. Targeting an area that is showing fish and persisting in the area with small sharp hops is giving the fish the best chance to have a crack. The reddies are being caught the same way as the yellas are, but I have heard hopping 5-0 sinking Bullet lures like a blade in the shallow bays have also produced some nice fish as there is a fair bit of bait fish action in the shallows. Good luck to all competing this weekend.

Lake Eildon:
75.85% up 1.74% this week.
Fishing: 6/10.
Eildon is still rising nicely and the fishing is ok. A fair few locals have fished there recently for mixed results. The trout action has been below par for this time of year but hopefully we get a late flurry. The cod have been going quite well at the moment with a few big fish being caught on spinnerbaits on the cast and troll. Anglers have been putting a size 3 to 4 sized bean sinker in front of their spinnerbait to get it down an bit deeper. The method has been to troll as slow as possible and weave your way through the sticks. Holding your rod is a must when doing this. Goughs to howqua still seems to be the area and Fluro colours the flavour. The yellas are still a bit quiet on the troll and cast but the bait fishos fishing the tops of trees seem to be having the most success using a single scrubby or yabbie with a small running sinker.

Lake Nillahcootie:
101.28 down 0.37% this week.
Fishing: 5.5/10.
Anglers off the bank are still being rewarded with some yellas on worms and shrimp. As usual moving your bait around has increased the chances of a bite. Trollers are still struggling due to how dirty the water is. If you do troll maybe try something with a nice rattle. Many anglers are using their boats to access banks that are harder to get to and are being rewarded with more and better quality fish.

Lake Dartmouth:
72.19% up 1.45% this week.
Fishing: 9.5/10.
If you want your trout fix get up to dart! A few Tatong anglers group members fished dart over the weekend with one boat landing a whopping 41 fish! Flatlining and 2-3 colours of leadcore was the go and colours that worked well were phosphorous pearl, clown, cutthroat and smashing pumpkin, So white and orange colours. Other members of the club persisted with casting and were rewarded with better quality fish but didn't catch as many. The old spotted dog rapala did most of the damage.

Haven't heard anything on William hovel, buffalo and waranga but as everything warms these locations will be worth a go.

Have a great weekend when it rolls around fishos!


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Top left: Alex Robertson with a brown caught trolling at Hume.
Bottom left: Jan with a solid yella on the troll at Hume.
Left: Brigga with yella caught at eildon.

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