Report 17/11/16

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Report 17/11/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Nov 18, 2016 1:26 pm

Finally the sun's consistently out and the wind isn't blowing as hard and the fishing is really starting to hit its stride.

Lake Eildon:
79.48% up 0.48% this week.
Fishing: 7.5/10.
Eildon has been really consistent the last week with trollers, casters and bait fishos all catching some quality yellas. The Delatite side of the lake seems to be the go at the moment. On the trolling side of things hallo crazy deeps, ac invaders, stumpy and slim 6m oar-gee's have been the go for the yellas. A lot of fish have been caught off the bank on worms and small yabbies. One key factor is to walk until you find the steep rocky banks and fish around there for more success. The cod fishing is still going well, many big fish have been landed and a lot between 45-80cm. White, frog pattern, Fluro green and purple are all good colour options. Fisho's are still catching cod trolling spinnerbaits slowly amongst the tree's, it's a exiting and hard but well worth it. The trout and Redfin have been a bit quiet with most of these fish being caught as by catch chasing yellas.

Lake Nillahcootie:
100.05% down 0.11% this week.
Fishing: 6/10.
Nillahcootie is becoming more and more consistent as it gets warmer and warmer. Bank fishing continues to produce some good fishing using shrimp and worms. The trollers are reporting more yellas on the troll using small stumpys, codgers and 60mm oar-gee plows. Purple/pink, red/black and gold are all good colours. 3-5m seems to be where they are sitting at the moment as the water warms up. Baitfishing from the boat has also been good recently targeting the tree's by themselves.

Lake Dartmouth:
76.07% up 0.46% this week
Fishing: 8.5/10.
Report are still streaming in of some really good fishing at dart. Flatlining is still getting them but its cowbells and worm and leadcore that is really working well. 3-5 colours is working best. White, silver, brown and orange tassies are all working well. Try and find the thermocline and set your downrigger just above it if you are finding it hard as anglers have reported sounding heaps of fish around the thermocline.

Hume continues to fish well but haven't heard as many reports as usual for some reason. But the yellas and reddies are frequently being caught.

A few locals have been fishing waranga for a lot of smaller fish and a few over 30cm fishing in 16-25ft with a deep fiver and a plastic up above.

Looks like it's going to be a great weekend ahead and I hope you all get a chance to get out!


Benalla Bait & Tackle
191 Bridge St
Benalla, Victoria
Ph: (03) 5762 3704
Top left: Leasky with a cracker yella caught on the troll at eildon.
Top right: Harry with the help from his pop landed this thumper at eildon.
Bottom 2: My self with a yella from windamere and a bass from glenbawn.

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