Report 25/11/16

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Report 25/11/16

Post by subeditor » Fri Nov 25, 2016 3:15 pm

Lake Nillahcootie:
100.17% up 0.12% this week.
Fishing: 6.5/10.
The bank fishing has continues to fish well with worms and shrimp being the best baits for yellas. Also anglers casting lipless crankbaits like jackals and pulse's, small shallow diving hardbodies like stumpys, halco's and oar-gees and small 1/4oz spinnerbaits have also had some great success. Darker colours seem to be better with the discoloured water. Boaters are going ok but not as good as recent seasons. Trolling in 3-5m is the best and finding the warm water is key. Codgers and little storm arashi's seem to be the most consistent lures. Anglers fishing the trees with worms and yabbies have also had some good success. Finding the right tree is key as most fish have come off the one tree. Small yabbies and worms the best bait.

Lake Eildon
79.73% up 0.28% this week
Fishing: 8.5/10.
The yellas are in full swing with many anglers reporting seeing the yellas on the surface splashing around, this happens when the males chase the females around while spawning. Also anglers have said when they catch a yellas the amount of other fish around it, this is very common this time of year and if your netting skills are up there you can bag more than one fish. Trolling along points and into the bay has been very good. Oar-gee shads, ac invaders and halco crazy deeps are all great options, the yabbie patterns, red/black, pink/purple and orange/green are all good colour options. For the casters, flicking lipless crankbaits early and late in the day has seen some good bags caught and generally a few horses. A few Redfin and cod have been caught this way also. Gulping the trees has been good but it a matter of finding the right tree that is holding a few dozen fish. I find the trees with a lot of submerged limbs and are close to points the best. Cod fishing has been good also with some crackers being caught on both the cast and on the troll. 1oz spinnerbaits and big plastics have been good. The storm rip shad in Redfin pattern has been a stand out in the plastics department. For the trollers the big ac invaders, codgers and stumpys have all been good options. A Dark lure with a few Fluro highlights are a great option. But the usual colours like red/black, pink/purple will get them.

Broken river:
Medium flow, 8-12inches clarity.
The broken has been great for the bait fishers the last week with a lot of nice yellas being caught. Yabbietails, shrimp and worms all good baits. Finding the slacker water is still the best way of catching a yella. The casters haven't gone as good but micro spinnerbaits, little stumpys and soft plastics have all caught fish recently.

Haven't heard much on dart and Hume this week but I do have some friends fishing both lakes this weekend so should have some good reports next week!

The weather is looking good with mid 20's forecasted and light winds up to 20km/h but always check before you head out as Mother Nature always changes her mind!
Top: One of Jan's yellas from Eildon last weekend
Bottom left: Matt with a nice yellas caught in the broken on a fish arrow soft plastic.
Bottom right: Luke tanners best fish from last weekend, it measured 57cm.
Have a great weekend and soak up some good fishing at the moment.

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