Report 8/12/16

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Report 8/12/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Dec 09, 2016 10:58 pm

Cod opening was a great success for most anglers around the traps. Most waterways produced some good numbers of fish on different types of methods.

Lake Eildon:
79.79% down 0.15% this week.
Eildon has been great for the cod anglers the last few weeks, the anglers persisting with big lures have generally been rewarded. Trolling spinnerbaits has been really good amongst the tree's. one local angler caught easily a 110cm cod on his own but couldn't get it in the boat so he took a few snaps of it swimming and let it go,Caught on pink/purple. Ac invaders, stumpys and codgers have been really good trolling. Most anglers are running a darker colour like red/black, purple ect and the other on a bright green/orange. The yellas are still being caught for the anglers targeting them. The halco crazy deep and the 50mm, 30ft ac invaders are still really consistent. Bait fishing the trees has been ok with a few smaller reddies and the occasional yella being caught. Worm and small yabbies the go. Bank angling with the same baits has been good, finding steeper banks has been most productive. There is a few big trout also been getting caught casting bullet lures and rapalas early in the morning.

Murray river: below Yarrawonga.
Fishing: 6.5/10.
Many local anglers ventured over to the river for opening for mixed results. Most fishos caught some small cod and the ever prevalent trout cod. The key to catching the bigger cod by far was running yabbies. Some anglers reported going through 4-6dozen yabbies in a few days. Trolling didn't produce many fish from reports but is still a good method as the season goes on. A few yellas were also caught on shrimp/worm cocktails.

Lake Mulwala:
99.07% up 4.60% this week.
Another cod classic done and dusted, most anglers were able to tangle with a greenback. Most methods work over opening with spinnerbaits and surface lures doing some damage. Spinnerbait colours were varied, Iv had heaps of different reports from different anglers. Oar-gees were a good trolling lure and pompadours, codgers a good surface lure. Guys who swam swimbaits also did very well in the shallows and along weed beds. A lot of anglers reported a lot of weed around. Bait fishing was good throughout the lake but was very successful around bundalong. Cheese, Barri's and yabbies all catching fish. Local Angela Dyer caught a beautiful meter cod on Sunday afternoon on bait.

Lake Hume:
96.17% down 1.88% this week.
Fishing: 7.5/10.
The fishos who have been out to Hume recently have been catching some great sized Redfin on deep diving, small profiled lures like halco and ac's. the yella fishing has been ok with casting lipless crankbaits along the steep banks. Bait fishing has been good around the trees also, the humble worm and shrimp are getting the job done. I personally haven't heard of any cod being caught but they are in the there and do grow to a big size, and personally think they fight a bit harder in there for some reason!

Lake Nillahcootie:
99.50% down 0.26% this week.
Nillahcootie has been producing a fair few small cod over opening with most fish averaging 40-45cm. The yellas seem to be a bit more active now and are being caught in the troll. You can't go past a codger, oar-gee or asize 2 stumpy at the moment. The usual pink/purple, red/black, gold/black and green/orange have all caught fish.Trolling 3-5m seems to be the best range to tangle with a fishy. Also trolling single blade spinnerbaits have claimed a few fish. Bait fishing with worms and yabbies has been ok but it seems the trolling is starting to take over from the bait fishing.

A few other reports of some 30-35cm redfin being caught at waranga trolling 4-5m with small lures has been going good when the weather permits.

Dart is still going good for the trout anglers. Downriggers between 20-40ft seems to be the go just got to find the thermocline as usual. White, silver and orange tassies and cowbells and worms are working well on Their days. Most fish been caught in the main basin and the 8 mile, so you don't have to travel to far for a fish.

A bit of rain today, a tad colder tomorrow but the weekend and into next week looks to be spot on as we head towards the full moon!

Benalla Bait & Tackle
191 Bridge St
Benalla, Victoria
Ph: (03) 5762 3704
Top left: "Gaza" with his pb cod caught of the surface over he weekend! Stretched 58cm!
Top middle-right: The sinclair boys landed a few nice cod out of the Murray on opening.
Middle left: Paul with a 68cm caught on a spinnerbait.
Middle right: Jim Bob with a health7 river fish.
Bottom left: Deano with a well conditioned cod.
Bottom middle:
Jacob with his cod off the surface.

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