Report 27/1/17

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Report 27/1/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Feb 03, 2017 4:46 pm

Well, hasn't the fishing just been sensational recently! The cod are in full flight, the reddies are on the chew in the impoundments and yellas well probably been out shadowed by the other two.

Lake Eildon:
76.33% down 0.52% this week
Fishing: 7/10.
Eildon has been pretty consistent among anglers over the last few weeks. The Redfin fishing has been really good with a few lucky anglers finding some 2lb+ fish amongst the schools. Bait fishing with small yabbies and worm has been the best method. Trolling ac invaders and hallo crazy deeps have also been good along the steep rocky banks. Casting blades will be your best bet if u want to flick a lure around. The cod fishing has been ok with a lot of 50-80cm beating caught with the occasional fish over a meter being landed. Big yabbies off the bank has been good late evening and into the night. Trollers running 70-120mm lures in green/orange, pink/purple and gold/black have been going well. A bit of Fluro or flash seems to be required. Same for the casters lime green, pink, orange, red spinnerbaits punched deep into structure is your best bet to pull out a green girl. Also trolling spinnerbaits with a sinker on it has been producing fish. The yellas have been quiet with them being picked up mostly from chasing Redfin.

Lake Hume:
87.56% down 0.33%
Fishing: 9/10.
Redfin, redfin, redfin! They have been going off the last few weeks with some cracking 45cm fish being caught. As usual worms and small yabbies doing the damage. Tree hop to you find the tree with the better Redfin. Having a bait on the bottom and casting a blade or plastic around has been good for a catching a bigger fish as they cruse around the smaller schools of fish. Trolling the same as Eildon, balcony crazy deeps and 30ft,50mm ac invaders are doing the damage, putting a plastic above your hard body is also a good idea. Casting from the bank has seen smaller Redfin but the occasional better fish has been caught. Count down rapalas, Bullet lures and plastics have been the go.

Lake Nillahcootie:
96.20% down 0.46% this week.
Fishing: 7.5/10.
A few big girls have been caught recently on a variety of methods. 3-4 fish over a meter have been caught trolling, a 102cm off the surface on a Taylor made and a couple caught flicking spinnerbaits. It's a persistence game for the big ones, repetitive casts, peppering drop offs and structure on the troll and changing lures. Best lures for casting are spinnerbaits around 3/4oz in pink/purple, red/black and olive green/chart. Trollers are having success on the forever producing codger, 70-90mm ac invader, 75mm oar-gee and the deep diving 80mm predatek. Bait fishing has been ok but a bit slower than the previous month. Worms are catching small yellas and yabbies are accounting for the better sized cod.

93.27% down 5.42% this week.
Fishing: 7/10.
Mulwala has been consistent the last few weeks with a few lucky anglers playing with some big residents. Flicking lures early has seen scores put on the board. Weedless plastics casted on the weed lines has been going well, same as slow sinking swimbaits. The bait fishing more up the bundalong end has been good. Yabbies, bardi's and chicken have all been great baits. One local landed 7 fish last week 1 at 77cm and the rest under 55cm. Sneaking up into the back waters and out on the vast timbered flats has rewarded some game enough to put a few scratches on their boat.

It's around 80% and pretty steady.
Fishing: 8/10.
Same deal as Eildon and Hume. Trolling deep diving small profiled lures with a plastic above their lure has been dynamite at waranga. Cricket scores of Redfin have been landed recently, most are small but the smaller schools of bigger fish are around if you are lucky enough to find them. Drifting in a light breeze has worked well on a double rig. Yabbies on the bottom and a worm on top while having another out with a blade or ice jig along side it. 14-22ft of water is where most fish are being caugh but don't be afraid to fish 8-12ft and find the weed beds as some anglers flicking have pulled out some better Redfin. Blades, tn50's, Bullet lures and rapalas ripping rap have also been great for chasing the bigger fish. White hasn't been a bad colour either for both plastics or hardbodies.

Everything is fishing well at the moment and well worth getting out and catching a few over the coming few days!


Benalla Bait & Tackle
191 Bridge St
Benalla, Victoria
Ph: (03) 5762 3704
Top: Brigga enters the meter club with this chunk caught out at Nillahcootie recently.
Bottom left: Hoppa and his son landed their first yellowbelly on the cast down the broken.
Bottom middle: Jess Hazell with a nice brace of Redfin caught flicking blades at waranga.
Bottom right: Brodie Woolley with a beautiful cod caught in the ovens.

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