Report 29/2/17

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Report 29/2/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Mar 03, 2017 4:20 pm

There's a bit going on at the moment! Impoundments producing cricket scores of Redfin, the yellas are playing up and the cod have been consistent!

Lake Eildon:
72.30% down 1.05% this week
Fishing: 10/10.
I don't give out 10/10 often but Eildon warrants it at the moment. 100's of Redfin and the occasional yella constantly has give anglers som much enjoyment the last few weeks. Now to how they have been catching them. Fishing steep banks or underwater drop offs with blades has been the go. Tie up as close as you can and cast onto the shallows and hop your blades down until you hook up. Running a double hook rig with the worm on the bottom and a plastic like a strike tiger nymph or fish arrow 2 inch shad on the top has worked well after they aren't so keen on the blades. You can cast this rig but a bit more finess is required otherwise they can tangle. Yabbies have also been good as the smaller fish tend to not attack them and your chances of getting a better fish is likely. Trolling ac invaders and halco's are also going well when you finding spots to cast.

Lake Hume:
77.08 % this week down 2.03%
Fishing: 8/10.
The Redfin fishing continues to produce some great numbers of fish. I haven't heard as much this week but one angler did call in and state that he caught 60 odd fish with a dozen going 30cm + using worms and shrimp tree hopping around the bowna arm.

Lake Nillahcootie:
89.70% down 2.23% this week
Fishing: 7/10.
It's great to see Nillahcootie drop a few % this week and I hope it continues as it makes the river fish better and the lake itself exposes new fishing locations. In the past nillah has fished really well in autumn with a lot of big cod being landed. In saying this the levels have been 40-60%. I don't think it will reach that but it will give opportunities to fish new location. Currently there have been some smaller cod and the occasional yella (50cm+) being caught trolling codgers and 70mm ac invaders. Pink/purple, gold and red/black as usual has had the success. Bait fishers from the boat have had a fair bit of action on the undersize yellas with anglers catching 20-30 yellas with only 2-5 fish being over legal size. Worms and shrimp the best bait.

Lake Dartmouth:
77.79% up 0.06% so steady.
Fishing: 6.5/10.
A few locals have ventured up there recently with mixed results. Reports of going fishless for a few hours then bang 5 fish in the next hour. It's a matter of persistence. Downrigging has been the best method with 35-50ft down. Paravanes have been ok and leadcore has been good early and late in the day. Attractors and worms have been good early and late also. Tassie colours have varied from angler to angler with pink/white and brown being one anglers best colour then frog and smashing pumpkin being the go to for another. The key factor is to have the downriggers around the thermocline and continue to change colours every half hour until you find the right one. But basically run a orange, pink or natural and work from there.

Other lakes:
74. 41%
Redfin on worms and plastics of the bank.
70. 68%
Drifting shrimp and yabbies have caught some better Redfin, blades jugged while drifting has also been successful. Trolling poltergeists, ac's and sakanas with a plastic above has been consistent.

Jan and asha had a ball competing in the cv pro series at Eppalock with 150+ Redfin and 1 yella securing them secon place this round. Casting plastics was their most successful method. It's a few hours away but is producing some great fishing at the moment.


Benalla Bait & Tackle
191 Bridge St
Benalla, Victoria
Ph: (03) 5762 3704
Top 3 photos: Shane and daughter Hayley accompanied by Captain Peter had a blast at Eildon on Sunday, catching over 100 Redfin and 3 yellas on plastics and blades.
Middle left: Myself with a small yella caught casting a blade at eildon.
Middle middle: Phil landed 4 yellas in 5min at eildon.
Middle right: Sam with a nice sized yella caught on worms at eildon.
Bottom left: Jan and asha fished the central Vic lure casters pro series at Eppalock on the weekend. They finished 2nd in tough conditions.
Bottom middle: Often you'll get 2 Redfin on the one lure.
Bottom right: Mitch, Shaun and the boys got onto some cracker yellas in the murray recently.

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