Report 10/3/17

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Report 10/3/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Mar 10, 2017 3:16 pm

Fishing around the traps has been very consistent. All species are playing the game and the fisho's are loving it!

Lake Eildon:
70.58% down 1.51% this week
Fishing: 8/10.
Eildon continues to produce cricket scores of Redfin. Tree hopping has been the best method to find the schools of fish. Dropping worms, shrimp and yabbies down and flicking blades, masks and plastics around the vicinity of the tree has been the most successful way of getting onto them. The Redfin might not me directly on the tree so by casting around has seen fish being pulled in towards the boat. By casting you also seem to find a few yellas around schools of Redfin. One local angler reported a very big cod come up to a small Redfin he was winding in, it didn't go the Redfin but the anglers heart was in his mouth. He persisted with cod gear to tempt the big cod to come back but no luck. Trolling is also a good method to find schools of fish, specially due to some schools holding off points and drop off. Spotlock or an anchor is required if there is no tree's to tie off to. Most anglers are targeting the Delatite and its arms and around goughs bay to howqua. Strike pro blades and any soft plastic in white, orange or motor oil has been good. Trolling austackle Sakanas, halco's/rmg, codgers and 50mm ac invaders have been very successful. Colours like red, green/orange and rainbow a good starting point.

Lake Nillahcootie:
87.12% down 2.29% this week.
Fishing: 6.5/10.
It's good to see the lake starting to drop consistently now and this is providing trollers new areas to troll. The river beds and deep drop off will become more accessible. Currently a few cod have been trolled up with most being undersize. Codgers, oar-gee's and stumpys are all getting results. Darker colour like red/black, pink/purple and black/gold have been popular. Shallow water has been good early and late in the day and trolling 15-20ft during the day has been good. Bait fishers are going ok in the boat with the yellas holding around stand up timber. They are also holding tight in the weed/grass line along the bank. Worms and shrimp the better baits.

Lake Dartmouth:
Steady at 77.79%
Fishing: 6.5/10.
A few local fisho's fished dart over the weekend with good results. A few fish early on the flatline and as the day progresses leadcore and downrigging took over. 4-7colours of lead and the downrigger down 40-50ft caught most the fish. As usual smashing pumpkin continues to tempt the fish with holographic, bomber and frog catching a few.

Lake Hume:
73.89% down 2.53% this week.
Fishing: 7/10.
The Redfin continue to be caught in great numbers both bait fishing and casting. The casters are flicking blades and mask vibes down drop off and are finding some better sized Redfin and the occasional yella. The bait fishers using worms and shrimp have had to tree hop to get onto them. One angler came in early this week and reported catching some nice Redfin around the bowna arm and around peacock bay. All fish were caught on worms and using a jagger. It is much like Eildon, much to offer just a matter of moving to find the fish.

Mulwala continues to produce consistent fishing with almost most methods catching fish. Night fishing with surface and wake/swim baits have tempted some of the bigger residents to play. Early and late in the day has been good on the shallow flats with some fish being pulled in 2-3ft of water. Trolling oar-gee's, ac's and stumpys has been good along the edge of the river. Targeting corners and going back and forth is a great way of stirring the fish up rather than going over it once.

Waranga is still going well as it does, a few locals went over on the weekend and caught some better Redfin on yabbies and blades anchored around submerged stumps and off points. They said the fish would come through and it would be nuts for 10-15min then go quiet and then pick up again.

I hope you all enjoy the long weekend and wet a line around the area!


Benalla Bait & Tackle
191 Bridge St
Benalla, Victoria
Ph: (03) 5762 3704
Top left: Jono currie with a nice bag of rainbow and brown trout caught at Dartmouth last weekend.
Top right: This yella fall to a blade caught over at eildon.
Middle right: Deano's 1.12cm cod caught at Mulwala.
Bottom left: Corky with a beautiful and well conditioned cod caught last weekend.
Bottom right: Robbo with a nice rainbow caught yesterday in a small stream.

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