Report 29/3/17

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Report 29/3/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Wed Mar 29, 2017 3:43 pm

Lake Dartmouth:
77.63% up 0.09% this week
Fishing: 8/10.
A few local anglers ventured up to dart over the last week and all enjoyed some great trout action. From reports many trout were caught flatlining which is great to see them up closer to the surface. Methods have been flatlining, leadcore 4-6 colours and downrigging 30-45ft. Winged lures that are white, pink or orange have been good, silver and natural have picking up a few also. Smashing pumpkin, holo, bleeding pearl and eliminator would be good colours to try first. Unfortunately with trout fishing they can take a colour in the morning then never get another hit for the trip so always be thinking what to put on next.

Lake Eildon:
67.59% down 0.67% this week.
Fishing: 7/10.
Hopping the trees has been the best method of catching Redfin and yellowbelly. Most anglers are dropping baits like worms and yabbies then casting blades, lipless cranks and plastics around to locate fish. Atomic semi yards have been great along with the strike tiger 2 and 3 inch grubs. White and Motor oil colours working the best. Trollers have been picking up a few Redfin and yellas. Most anglers opting to use size 3 stumpys, codgers and 50mm ac invaders. Green/orange and red/black have been successful. The cod have mostly been caught on spinnerbaits cast towards steep banks that hold a lot of vertical and horizontal timber. Snagging is going to happen but the cod that can come out of the structure is well worth it. Green/orange, pink/purple and white are all great colours. A few anglers that get to the lake early have tried trolling for trout using winged lures with no success but it surely can't be far off seeing a few trout being caught. If you were to try white and pink coloured tassies have always been great colours there.

Lake Nillahcootie:
83.03% down 0.67% this week
Fishing: 6.5/10.
A few legal cod were caught over the weekend, most being caught on the troll. Spinnerbaits trolled with a sinker in front has been a great method to catch a cod here. Red/black, purple and orange/black are good colours at the moment. The ever successful 55mm codger and the 75mm oar-gee have also been a great lure the last few weeks. Angling from the bank with worms has seen some undersize yellas being caught and the occasional Redfin. April last year gave many anglers some unreal fishing with a lot of over sized cod being caught predominantly trolling with the exception of a few that were caught casting spinnerbaits off the bank. The major difference being from last year is that it was around 40% were as this year it is sitting just above 80%, we shall see if the big natives want to play the game this year!

92.19% down 7.71% this week
Mulwala is still the number one spot to tangle with a cod with consistent reports coming in from locals. Wether your trolling, casting or bait fishing your chances are very high of hooking up. Surface fishing continues to produce the big cod we all dream about.pompadours, wake baits and swimbaits are all working well. Spinnerbaits have also claimed some good fish but a lot of smaller fish too. Baitfishing between majors and bundalong has been great using yabbies and chicken. Trollers have been going well along the river and lagoon edges with oar-gees, predators and ac invaders all catching fish. Colours have varied from angler to angler also. Red/black, neon green, green/orange and purple have all caught fish recently.

Haven't heard much at Hume again with only one report of some small Redfin caugh on blades and sinking 5-0 Bullet lures. There still is an abundance of redfin but the size has been on the small side.

Buffalo has been fishing well for redfin with Robbie Alexander giving great tips and tricks to catch Redfin there on his Facebook page and youtube. We ventured up there Sunday afternoon and landed heaps of small Redfin using plastics and spinners. If bank fishing keep an eye out for snakes as we saw 2 red belly blacks amongst the grass and swimming across the river.

Hovell is producing a few small Redfin but that all I have heard.

Waranga in autumn is a great time to catch some of the bigger Redfin. It's currently sitting just over half full so you are able to fish shallow for them without getting fouled by dead grass.

There are plenty of options for everyone, specially with school holidays starting this weekend.

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Top and left: Mick and James had a cracking weekend up at Dartmouth.
Right: James with a reddie caught at lake buffalo.

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