Report 20/4/17

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Report 20/4/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:42 am

I hope you all had a great Easter and got out for a fish. Most report have been great from around the north east and I hope it continues!

Lake Eildon:
65.61 % down 0.66% this week
Fishing: 7/10.
Eildon continues to produce some good fishing with the Redfin, yellas and the occasional trout being caught. As usual tree hopping continues to be the best method to get onto the Redfin and yellas. Stevo a local angler found that some trees weren't holding fish strait down but casting blades and plastics away from the trees yielded more fish so keep that in mind when hopping around. Trolling has been ok along the steep banks with halco's and sakanas with a few better yellas being caught. Now that it's starting to cool down a few trout anglers have persisted around the goughs bay and big river area for not bad results. Most are small browns with the occasional fish in the 40-50cm range. Early morning seems to be the best time at the moment. Pink and white tassies like clown, phosphorous pearl, pink my frog and bleeding flamingo are a good starting point. Flatlining and 3-5 colours of leadcore the best set up.

77.82% up 0.04% this week.
Fishing: 8/10.
Dart continues to fish well with a lot of locals venturing up over the weekend. Some anglers did better than other but are all catching fish. Ben Dodd has had 2 great weeks up there catching 20+ fish a trip. Downrigging has been the best method of late. Setting the downrigger 40-60ft has been the zone of late. Holographic, pink bomber, smashing pumpkin, cutthroat and Canberra killer have all been successful lures on their day. Leadcoring around 5 colours has also been good. Flatlining has been good early in the morning rather than late in the day. Haven't talked to any anglers that have been using attractors but they do work well this time of the year.

Lake Nillahcootie:
79.83% down 1.12% this week.
Fishing: 5.5/10.
Nillah has been a bit quiet of late, it hasn't produced the fishing like we did this time last year. Most anglers are picking up small yellowbelly and the occasional cod. Both trolling and bait fishing with worms have been the best methods of catching fish. Codgers, oar- gee shads, size 2-3 stumpjumpers and 50-70mm ac invaders have all been catching fish. As usual red/black, pink/purple and orange/black have been great colors. The only other colour that has been good is the bardi grub pattern. Spinnerbait in these colours trolling have also been quiet successful.

Mulwala continues to be consistent if you want to catch a few cod, I have only had a few locals head over the last week. Trolling and casting spinnerbaits has been good. They have been throwing the spinnerbaits in the shallows and also casting surface with a few smaller models being landed. Mul this time of year is great in general and we should see more big cod being caught over the next few months.

Waranga basin is sitting around 43% and this time of year is great time to pick up the better sized Redfin. Trolling small ac invaders, halco's and austackle sakanas in 10-18ft is a great starting point. Using a soft plastic above your lure is also worth doing. Generally a white, orange or motoroil coloured plastic works best. Targeting the points and channels with blades is also a great method. Small yabs, shrimp and worms are all good baits.

Buffalo Redfin population is still going well for anglers flicking plastics from the bank and out of the boat. Fishing the trees around the riverbed has been very successful with a few better sized fish being caught.

Synoptic chart is showing a low pressure system that will reach us later on today but it is followed by a high which will be over us over the weekend. Mild winds are predicted.

We will be closed Tuesday next week as it is Anzac Day.


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Ph: (03) 5762 3704

Top left: Robbo with a beautiful brown caught up at khancoban.
Top right: Benny Dodd with his best rainbow and brown from dart.
Bottom left: Myself with a cod from the ovens
Bottom right: Shane with a nice cod from the broken.

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