Report 28/4/17

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Report 28/4/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Apr 28, 2017 4:40 pm

Lake Eildon:
65.59% down 0.04% this week
Fishing: 7/10.
Eildon water level has steadied for the moment and anglers are enjoying some good fishing. The Redfin are still there to be caught it's just a matter of luck to find a good school of fish. Where a month ago every second tree had fish on the it's more 1/5. Worms and small yabbies have been the best baits while casting lipless cranks and plastics have also been consistent. Red and white have been great colours for this application. Trolling hardbodies like halco's, ac's and stumpys have also been productive in 10-15ft of water. Weaving through the trees with one rod each has seen anglers finding Redfin amongst the trees and also the occasional yella. The trout are becoming more of an occurrence mostly on the goughs bay side of the lake but a few have been caught around Bonnie doon and around howes inlet area. Tassie colours like #4, 39, 96, 125, 126, 129, PP and Y82 have all been catching fish. Most anglers are running a white colour on one rod and pink on the other with the orange being tried also. Leadcoring 3-5 colours has also been ok as the morning gets on.

Lake Nillahcootie:
79.14% down 0.25% this week.
Fishing: 5/10.
Nillah has been mediocre at the moment. Bank anglers are picking up small yellas on worms and the occasional cod. Trollers have put in hours for little success. Yellas and cod have been on the small side with oar-gees and codgers catching most the fish. The only other method has been to troll spinnerbaits. One angler reported 4 hours casting surface and spinnerbaits after the rain for one hit on the spinnerbait. There is plenty of fish in the lake it's just a matter of trying something different wether it be trolling 30+ ft with ac invaders or run the shallow bib on a stumpy over 5-10ft along the bank and up the Mansfield end. Hopefully we see some improvements!

Lake Dartmouth:
77.88% up 0.04% this week.
Fishing: 8/10.
Dart is by far the best trout fishing in the north east at the moment. Most anglers don't seem to miss up there at the moment. Downrigging and leadcore still seems to be the best way to get amongst the fish. Tassie colours like; #48, 50, 82, 97, 112, 126, 129, holo and Y123 have been great up there. Bags of 10+ fish a day have been common. The only other stand out lures have been the predatek micro mins and the 5-0 Bullet lure in rainbow and gudgeon.

The trout streams through the north east have been better than previous years. Most anglers have reported the fish being healthy and the numbers aren't too bad. This does change from waterway to waterway but overall from where I know anglers have been fishing it's been good.

Haven't personally heard anything from Hume, William hovell or Mulwala but not to say people aren't catching fish, I just report on what I have experienced or been told.

Waranga and buffalo have been pretty good on the Redfin still. Plastics and blades from the bank at buffalo and trolling halco's and sakanas at the basin. Worms the go at both lakes.

A few locals have ventured further than the north east chasing trout and redfin. As the picture above show Paul and clarkys efforts at purrumbete which has been a real hot spot the last few months. Bullen merri is also close over there and hold big fish. A few local groups have headed up to eucumbene with some good results trolling frog pattern tassies, pink and the Bullet lures around anglers reach.

From what we are seeing so far on the trout scene this season should be very productive.


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Top left: Paul with a beutiful rainbow caught trolling at lake purrumbete.
Top right: A few nice reds caught by clarky and Paul at purrumbete.
Bottom left: James with a lovely stream rainbow on the cast.
Bottom right: Deano with his pb rainbow caught while fishing with Webby.

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