Report 1/6/17

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Report 1/6/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jun 02, 2017 3:21 pm

A nice drop of rain last week has helped turn the tides for the impoundment with most lakes on the rise. The trout streams have been producing some great fishing also.

Lake Eildon:
65.48% up 0.19% this week.
Fishing: 8.5/10.
Eildon continues to provide anglers with great fishing opportunities. The trout are really hitting their strides, the bigger redfin are starting to be caught and the yellas on the right trees are packed up on the submerged limbs. The best trout fishing from local anglers experiences has been around goughs bay both towards the wall and down to howqua. Andy a regular to Eildon had some great success last week with the biggest brown pulling up just shy of 55cm on a Redfin pattern Bullet lure. He also said paceys perch(Bullet lure) and clown tassie devil also produced the goods. Other reports consist of either pink or white tassies with the occasional on a smashing pumpkin or Canberra killer. Flatline early and leadcore 3-4 colours of lead as the morning progresses. Windlanes have also been a key component of a good days fishing anglers have said that there hasn't been much in the lanes but the trout are still out in them looking for tucker. Redfin have been a little harder than recently to find but the size of the fish have been better than recent months. For the bait fishers worms and frozen shrimp seem to be the most popular bait. For anglers casting blades have been ok but plastics have seen more consistent results. 3-4 inch plastics with white incorporated seem to be the go. Don't be afraid to fish 40ft plus as some great bags of fish have been pulled from the depths. If your not familiar with gulping go and educate yourself as this is a dynamite way of catching yellas. Basically you run a black 3 inch gulp grub up a tree as slow as you can and wait for a yella to load the rod tip and away you go. Anglers have also been using this method with a scrub worm with the same success.

Lake Dartmouth:
78.05% up 0.05% this week
Fishing: 9/10.
I had the pleasure of fishing with my father and brother over the weekend up at dart. Cold and wet conditions made it uncomfortable but the fishing kept us going. Over roughly 4 days of fishing a combined total of 79 trout were landed. As a fortnight before we landed an lot of fish in the 30's but more in the 40's from the previous trip. Methods consisted mostly of downrigging and leadcoring. We found the thermocline around 70ft so we sat around 10 ft above it and we consistently caught fish at that depth. Early on in the morning we normally had the downrigger between 24-40ft. We also found a lot of fish were caught on the wind blown side of the lake off points. Our best colours were the kg special and holographic with harlequin, smashing pumpkins, old Freddo frog in orange/green and Canberra killer all picking up fish at times. Kg was stand out at depth and holo on the leadcore. All is looking great for the dart cup in a week and a half.

Lake William hovell:
80.89% up 3.27% this week
Fishing: 6/10.
When ever the lake rises it's a great time to get up for a fish. Scrubbies and powerbait off the bank is always a good way of catching yourself a few trout as they come up onto the newly covered ground. A few locals have been up there for a troll with cowbells and worms being great also along side flatlined and leadcored winged lures. The trout haven't been massive from reports but you just never know what might hit next.

I have heard next to nothing from the broken and Nillahcootie, not to say you won't catch a fish but a lot of anglers have turned their back to them for the winter.
I'm also yet to hear of consistent trout fishing out of lake Hume but I'm sure it will happen soon and there is some very big browns swimming in that lake.

June also means the start of the crayfish season, pop into grab your information booklet regarding the rules and regulations or pop online and refresh your memory.

Frosty, stagnant, sunny days are forecast for the remainder of the week and into the weekend as a high pressure system sits over the top of us.


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Top left: Robbo landed this beautiful 63cm brown spinning a nice snowy mountain stream.

Top right: Mick Dwyer has been very consistent on the yellas at lake Eildon.

Bottom left: Occa with his PB 104cm cod caught up at copeton last week!

Bottom right: Jas with a nice brown caught trolling at dart last weekend.

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