Report 16/6/17

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Report 16/6/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:36 am

From all reports the long weekend produced some great results over a lot of different locations. Let's hope it continues this weekend!

Just a reminder that streams are now closed and will re open midnight Friday the 1st of September 2017.

Lake Eildon:
65.72 up 0.10% this week
Fishing: 9/10.
Well didn't Eildon play up over the long weekend! Big bags of reddies, heaps of yellas and a fair few trout. Let's start on the Trout, as usual pink and white winged lures are the foundation of catching trout at eildon and has been for a fair few years now. Pink/purple has been good of recent as has kg special from wingston. Anglers changing have also caugh a few on orange and gold. Bullets are also a great option with paceys Perch, roach and Redfin patterns all going well. Predatek micro min 40 deeps and diawa double clutches have also been a good change up. More consistent catches have been reported from the Delatite side of the lake as the water is pretty clear at the moment. Big river area is still a very popular area to chase trout. The yellas, well haven't they been up and about of late. As stated in the previous report gulping is a great method of targeting these fish. But over the weekend anglers reported catching them on the troll and fishing on the flats while catching Redfin. Lures like the rmg crazy deep, austackle Sakana and the 50mm ac invader have all been successful on th yellas and Redfin. Onto the redfin, they seem to be everywhere again with most anglers reporting getting onto schools every time they go over. Some schools are on the trees, some off submerged drop off and structure and other on the open flats. Trolling with side image is a great way to see where they are. Once located troll through them and see if you hook up as some schools have been inactive. If you hook up mind map where they are and flick a plastic or lipless crank through them. A yabbie or worm can also be flicked at them. It's the best way to put the numbers on the scoreboard. We have been using 4-5inch plastics of late to tempt the big reddies but the average 30cm fish are inhaling these big plastics it's amazing. A few times a 30cm Redfin has had a 2/0 hook/jighead in its gullet with a 5inch plastic. They are not afraid to smack a bigger lure. Soft vibes have also been great casting through the school. I like to flick around where the school is and you normally find a yella or 2 around the perimeter. I have not seen Eildon fish this well with this amount of species this time of the year. I had a convo yesterday with a local regarding why it's been so good. We could have gone in for hours but we came up with a few ideas.
1. We have had a lot of high pressure systems, that provides good fishing.
2. More better Days = more anglers fishing = more reports.
3. The Redfin fishing has been sensational this season, more Redfin possibly making other species more active?
Would love to hear if you have any other ideas on this!

Lake William hovell:
87.92% up 2.43% this week
Fishing: 6.5/10.
Hovell continues to rise as does the likelihood of catching a fish. Anglers that have ventured up there have reported a few browns on scrubworms and plastics early and late in the day off the bank. A few small Redfin have also been caught while doing this. I haven't heard of any boating reports recently.

Lake Mulwala:
94.85% up 1.20% this week
Fishing: 8.5/10.
Local angler Geoff and his 2 sons had a nice day over at mul on the weekend. 2 undersize cod were caught on the troll but they told me they watched an angler hook up and land a meter cod off the surface. The boys were absolutely ecstatic to witness it. The big ones are still there it's just a matter of patience and persistence. As usual big surface lures are to go with sub surface segmented hardbodies and big spinnerbait also landing a few. Haven't heard much on the bait fishing, and most anglers I have talked to are having the most success trolling in the riverbeds.

Lake Dartmouth:
78.04% up 0.03% this week
Fishing: 8.5/10.
All the anglers I have talked to that completed in the cup had a great time all round. Plenty of fish, Great conditions and the organisation of boat launching and awards/ weigh ins were done very well. The methods varied amongst the anglers on how they caught their fish. Trolling winged lures was very successful on the downrigger and leadcore. Colours varied as natural colours like holographic and red nose bomber were good along with various other orange and pink. Attractors with worms and mudeyes was also quiet consistent. I'm still waiting to talk to a few others that had the plan to cast banks as it's also a very good way of catching some better quality fish.

Hope this helps if your venturing out this coming weekend!


Benalla Bait & Tackle
191 Bridge St
Benalla, Victoria
Ph: (03) 5762 3704

Top left: Mick continues to smack big bags of yellas at eildon.
Top right: James with a beautiful small stream rainbow from the long weekend.
Middle: Pete with a nice Eildon trout caught on the troll.
Bottom left: Shane also had a ball on Eildon yellowbelly population over the weekend.
Deano also displaying a beautiful rainbow from a small stream.

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