Report 20/7/17

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Report 20/7/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jul 21, 2017 10:37 am

We have finally seen what winters all about!
Wind, rain and water. But that hasn't stopped anglers getting amongst the good fishing at the moment.

Lake Eildon:
61.64% down 0.16% this week
Fishing: 7.5/10.
Eildon has fallen roughly 5% over the last fortnight as a environmental flow was realised down the Goulburn. Dropping water is generally not a great thing but the fishing was quite consistent as this was happening. The yellas continue to be around and quite active for this time of year with gulping, casting lipless and trolling all good methods for catching them. On the troll sakana's, crazy deeps, ac invaders and codgers have all caught fish on their day. Casting mask vibes, blades and tn50's have all worked well casting the rocky banks and underwater drop offs. Gulping as I have stated in many previous reports has continues to be a consistent method of landing bags of yellas. Tree hop and side image trees to locate the yellas hanging around the submerged tree branches. Then start rolling the plastic and hopefully they are active enough to have a crack. The trout fishing has been consistent right across the lake with a few better fish being hooked (4lb+). Most are coming off tassie devils and as usual it's either a white or pink variant. Flatlining and leadcoring is all you need to do at the moment. Anglers sitting in 12-20ft are seeing a few better fish and the occasional Redfin taking the tassie. The Redfin continue to be caught, a little harder than previous weeks but as the lake settles so will the Redfin and will be more stationary. Iv personally seen schools of fish move quite fast through side image and it's almost impossible to keep up with them. The most consistent Redfin are on the trees as they have a foundation to stay around. Gill a local landed a nice 40cm on a plastic while tied up to a tree, goes to show that there are bigger ones around. Hopefully we see the lake back in the green and rising over the next week. Oh and as the lake has dropped be careful of launching of the bank as a few have become quite stuck due to the soft ground, we won't name names.

Lake Hume:
73.99% up 1.15% this week
Fishing: 6.5/10.
Promising signs at Hume at the moment, consistently rising and more and more reports of trout being caught on the troll. Some fish are 5lb+ and hopefully this increase in size and amount over the next month or two. Pink, orange and white are all good colours to start out with. Tassies, Bullet's, stumpys and McGraths in these colours have been successful. I have found in recent years up there that I catch a lot of trout on hardbodies over winged lures, does anybody else have this occurance? Could be due to the amount of Redfin in the lake? Anyways the way the lake is shaping up we should see another great winter/spring on the trout. The Redfin have been ok with reports of some big schools on trees but struggling to find the better fish. Worms and shrimp a great bait for them.

Surprisingly haven't heard much on dart, waranga and hovell of recent.

Mulwala continues to be the go if you want to tangle with a cod. Big surface lures are still the favourite amongst anglers at the moment. Segmented swim baits and bigger spinnerbaits have also caught fish recently.

A whisper of a big cod caught out at Nillahcootie has been around but I'm yet to confirm. They are in there so you never know.

Still a bit going on if you're keen enough to put up with the weather at the moment.


Benalla Bait & Tackle
191 Bridge St
Benalla, Victoria
Ph: (03) 5762 3704

Top left: Mark with a solid Mulwala murray cod caught last weekend.
Top right: Luke getting amongst the yellowbelly population at eildon.
Bottom left: Blondy with a nice Redfin, have a look at the size of plastic he caught it on!
Bottom right: Young tommy with a yella trolled up at eildon last week.

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