Report 9/11/17

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Report 9/11/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Nov 10, 2017 4:30 pm

It’s finally looking like a good streak of weather coming the next 5 days which will give us some better conditions and hopefully kick the yellas into gear.

Lake Eildon:
73.06% down 0.12% this week.
Fishing: 7/10.
Eildon has still been a bit sporadic the last week with many anglers either getting a few or bugger all. The yellas are patchy with reports of a few fish on the points still but hard to get them to play. Trolling has been pretty consistent most along the steeper banks and trolling the tops of trees. Casters have picked up fish but no consistency, some have been in the bays, some off the banks and some on the flats. Blades and soft vibes have been better than a rattling lipless crankbait but the jackall tn’s will take over in the weeks to come. The trees have been ok with a few big yellas being caught on worms and yabbies, rolling grubs and blades has also been great, Gilbert landed 5 last weekend on a 35mm blade hopping up a tree in the Delatite. The Redfin have just been caught by catching as usual. Not many anglers have specifically targeted them but they should become consistent in a month or so. The cod have continued to show up with more and more reports of captures. Hardbodies like stumpys, ac invaders and oar gees trolled in orange/green and purple have been successful and same goes flicking Spinnerbaits in the same colours. Pick undulating bottoms and submerged logs for best results, the more structure the better! The trout fishos have slowed up and started to chase the Perch species but a few are trolling tassies first thing in the morning landing a couple of browns.

Lake Hume:
82.72% down 1.75% this week
Fishing: 6.5/10.
Hume is the same as Eildon at the moment, the yellas are scattered and being picked up here and there. The great thing about Hume is the big schools of Redfin swimming around. Tanner was there last night and enjoyed some great Redfin action landing 50+ fish in a short time. Use your side imaging if you have it to find the schools. Blades and plastics are all you need one you find them, just drop them in and you will be in before you even get close to the bottom. The trout fishing has been a little bit quieter than usual with only an few 40-50cm fish being caught early mornings on white and pink tassies. They are there and they are big and should be still chewing.

Lake Nillahcootie:
90.96% down 0.65% this week.
Fishing: 7.5/10.
Nillah has been good the last fortnight with the yellas mostly being caught on worms and shrimp both amongst the trees and off the banks. A lot more fish have been caught on bait but the size has been generally smaller. 40cm + fish have mostly been caught on the troll using codgers, stumpys and tilsans. Ornage/ green, pink/purple and red/black have all been good colours. 12-15ft has been a very good depth for the trollers. A few Redfin have been caught casting spinners and plastics off the bank also.

Lake William hovell:
98.23 and steady.
A few trout have been caught fishing early using scrub worms off the bank. The Redfin have been caught using worms also. Flicking blades and plastics has caught some Redfin throughout the day. Haven’t heard anything from the boaters.

Waranga should be fishing well, it’s currently is sitting 66%. This time of year the reddies are abundant and active, so are the yellas. Anchoring off points and drop offs and using yabbies is a good way of catching a few. Also casting blades and lipless cranks is successful.

This weather looks here to stay till at least Wednesday! Finally!


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Top left: Charlie with a cracker Redfin caught at buffalo during a comp
Top right: Leasky with a yella caught on the troll at Lake Eildon
Middle right: Troy with a 50cm+ brown caught at eildon
Bottom left: Mark caught this cod at eildon last weekend
Bottom middle: Cactus with a solid brown caught at Jindabyne
Bottom right: Blonde with a yella caught on a Codger

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