Report 16/11/17

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Report 16/11/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Nov 16, 2017 4:16 pm

Bit wet today and tomorrow but the weekend looks to be good, but always check the forecast before you head out.

Lake Eildon:
72.57% down 0.48% this week
Fishing: 7/10.
Eildon this week saw some good fishing and some poor fishing from different anglers. Anglers flicking lipless along the bank had to work a little bit harder to hook a fish and many stated a lot of yellas following their lures right to the boat. Jackall tn60’s have been most anglers preferred choice. Trollers have been inconsistent with some picking up yellas and other not getting a sniff. Ac invaders, codgers and halco’s still the best option of late with Redfin patter,, pink/purple and green/orange going well. Bait fishing amongst the trees has been pretty good with most picking up a yella or 2 on worms and yabbies. 20-30ft seems to be a successful depth at the moment. On sat we sounded most of our fish in 14-20ft of water and that’s where we caught our fish. We also sounded some small schools of Redfin sitting hard on the bottom but couldn’t get them to play the game. A few good arches were seen on the flats and along submerged points so they could be yellas or Carp haha. Haven’t had any locals catch any cod recently but have seen some good fish posted up on other social media sites, they are on the chew and worth throwing and trolling for.

Lake Nillahcootie:
89.99% down 0.97% this week.
Fishing: 6.5/10.
The best reports have come from the anglers using bait both off the bank and amongst the trees. Worms, shrimp and small yabbies are all catching fish . Moving around has been good for the bank anglers specially around the points and the bays. The trollers are picking up a few yellas on size 3 stumpjumpers, codgers and ac invaders. Colours have varied from angler to angler but your pink/purple and red/black always seem to do the job. Most fish are being picked up trolling the 10-15ft depth. Cod are being caught while chasing the yellas so as usual do your best for a quick release.

62.92% down 3.15% this week.
Waranga is producing a lot of small fish at the moment with the occasional 35cm Reddy being caught amongst the smaller fish. Trolling has been ok for the smaller fish but the bait anglers and finding the better fish. Use your sounder to find the baitfish schools and the schools of bigger fish underneath and anchor up. Worms and small yabbies are the best bait and if you can get some shrimp they are always good in here. Whilst anchored throw plastics and blades around till you get some action on the bait. Fishos are saying the 18-25ft depths is the most productive.

Lake Hume:
79.45 down 2.81% this week
Fishing: 7/10.
The Redfin fishing is becoming better and better as the weeks go on from both the boat and off the bank. I had one report of an angler fishing up around the wymah area off the bank and landed some nice Redfin in the high 30’s using worms. The yellas are still quite scattered at the moment but can’t be far off firing.

Lake Dartmouth:
87.20 up 0.16% this week
Fishing: 7.5/10.
A few locals enjoyed some great fishing amongst the trees using gudgeon and mudeyes. 90% if the fish were caught on bait and a few 3lb fish landed. Bubble floats and baits on the bottom both caught fish. Trolling has been ok early and late in the day on the flatline and leadcore but it’s the anglers with Downriggers that are having most of the success. Orange, silver and brown winged lures have seen most of the success.

There is enough going on around the traps to get you keen and this rain will hopefully stir them up!


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Ph: (03) 5762 3704

Top 2 photos: Bill Woonton had a ball landing these 2 cracker trout up at Jindabyne recently.
Middle left: Jarrod with a nice yella caught on a yab amongst the trees at eildon.
Middle middle & middle right: Deano with a couple of yellas caught flicking jackals at eildon.
Bottom left: James “Spider” Webb with his first yella in his new boat.
Bottom middle: Myself with a yella at eildon.
Bottom right: Shane with a Redfin caught trolling for yellas.

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