Report 1/4/16

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Report 1/4/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Apr 01, 2016 5:17 pm

More tuna and albacore were caught yesterday in the deep water which is a good sign for the season. A few schools of salmon around dutton way in the shallow waters ,well worth keeping a eye out for. Some good size pinkies around the north shore plus whiting. Whiting also around blacknose to corkscrew in some numbers.

Well worth fishing the beaches around the north also as some nice sharks have been scored plus pinkies and salmon.

Yesterday an angler found a rare slender sun fish nearly beached near dutton way . aparently they havent seen one of this type for many many years. Usally a deep water and warm water creature so it makes it very interesting how it ended here . It looks like the melbourne meusem will be very interested in looking at a very good specimen.

For all your BAIT and TACKLE today and over the weekend look no further than Portland Compleat Angler. We are OPEN SATURDAY AND SUNDAY 7.30 AM TILL 6PM. Fishing licences also available in store.

Have a great day everyone and even better weekend and Happy Fishing.


Portland Compleat Angler
61 Bentinck St
Portland, Vic
Ph: (03) 5521 1844

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