Report 20/7/16

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Report 20/7/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Sun Jul 31, 2016 3:49 pm

We've had some cracking big fish show up over the last week with one reaching 150 kg.

most of these fish don't seem to be to far out either some it's giving most anglers the opportunity to have a crack.

I would exspect that some guys have headed to the deep water while the wind is down chasing blue eye, ling ect.

There is also some good flathead in the Bay Area around the 20 to 25 metres but you also have to fight the couta which are in good numbers.

The bay from the breakwater to narrawong has been filled with pilchards in the last week with some great sights of birds diving everywhere to whales, Dolphins and seals having a great time so close to the shore.

People have come from everywhere to see this great sight.

Quite a few couta have been caught of the breakwater plus slimy rock cods sucking the baits.

For all your bait and tackle needs today call in and say g'day at portland Compleat angler.
Have a great day everyone and happy fishing.
cheers Nigel.

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Portland, Vic
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