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Report 5/7/18

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 4:43 pm
by Nicole Penfold
The offshore scene has been a little hit and miss the past 4-5 days with most of the tuna action happening north of us off Batemans Bay. In saying that there’s still a few SBT coming from our shores but certainly not in the same numbers as a week or so ago. The fish that have been caught have averaged 40 kilo with the odd better model around 70 kilo with trolling the best way to target them. It’s still possible to cube them up once there located but a lot will depend on the day that your fishing. We will learn a bit more this coming weekend as the local club has their broadbill and tuna competition on, hopefully the weather gods do their part and let the boats get amongst them. Closer to shore the bottom crews are having a field day with plenty of gummy sharks to be caught. Local lads Sam and Jase got 5 up to 8 kilo the other morning with a few others missed as well. Depths of 30 meters seems the best with the edge of the hard reef on the gravel accounting for a lot of the fish. It’s here to that snapper have been caught with plenty of flathead in slightly deeper water of 40 meters though the leatherjackets have become a bit of nuisance so some patience may be required.

On the beaches it’s going great guns with salmon abundant on most beaches. There’s some thumping big fish to with 6 pounders getting caught on both lures and bait. At that size they are formidable opponents on any tackle and provide hours of fun. The better beaches for the pelagics are Haycock to the south of Pambula, Merimbula main around the entrance and further north at Tura. All these beaches have fired over recent days and with the tides only getting better as we head into the weekend it all looks [promising for some great angling.

In the estuaries it’s business as usual with the channels in both Merimbula and Pambula lakes loaded with big trevally. These fish have been here for months now and l can’t see that changing anytime soon. The lower sections from the main bridge to Spencer Park in Merimbula is the hot spot with anglers using soft plastics and fresh Hawksbury prawns getting amongst them. The key is to fish light and those who have been are getting rewarded big time. It’s not uncommon to get a dozen or so trevs in a session with the odd bream and flathead thrown in to and that’s shore based not in a boat. It’s solid fishing that anyone can do, if you haven't done it before pop into the shop and we will sort you out. Up in the Bega River Thompsons wall about a kilometre upstream from the boat ramp has seen a few nice bream get caught. The majority of fish captured have fallen to smaller wriggler soft plastics just hopped down the wall. There’s not stacks being caught but the fish that have been are quality fish to 1.3 kilo and mostly black bream. I’d expect a few more fish out the front of the boat ramp and around the bridge pylons this next few weeks with plastics and blades catching them fished slow.

Off the stones Short Point has seen some excellent captures of drummer on the draining tide. Using a little burley with fresh cabbage weed and cunjevoi have been the better baits to use with the average fish around the kilo mark. These fish fight hard and are excellent on the plate so getting a feed from here shouldn’t be too hard over the coming days. If your after salmon off the stones then the main wharf in Merimbula Bay has been good some days when the schools go past. They have certainly been better in the mornings, if you can coincide a tide change then all the better also.

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