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Report 14/9/18

Posted: Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:59 pm
by Nicole Penfold
It’s been a pretty tough week on the fishing front this past week with very cold dirty water in close making those anglers fishing offshore work hard for a feed. The water is a chilly 14 degrees with the current pushing from the South, not ideal conditions but hopefully that will change over the coming days. Those that have caught fish have persisted over many hours moving from spot to spot and using the freshest of bait like squid or tuna fillets. Flathead are the main species caught though l heard today of a few morwong and snapper come from down south off Lennard’s Island so all is not lost. With the flatties the deeper water has definitely been the go with water depths of 45-50 meters a good place to start. This dismal fishing should turn around before to long and would be good to see a few boats head further East and see what the shelf has to offer. I know there’s been quite a few mako sharks up to 90 odd kilo get caught further north of us so they should be out the front here also. Further south of Eden there’s been kingfish seen on the sounder down deep in 35 mtrs off Mowarrie Point but they have been hard to entice. There’s the odd one being caught but a lot of time has to be put in and those that have been caught have fallen mainly to fresh squid fished hard on the bottom.

On the beaches it’s been better with some solid salmon coming from the northern beaches like Tura and North Tura. The latter beach has endless gutters along it’s length so picking one out that is deep in close is what l’d look for. The majority of fish are falling to the usual bait/popper combination with bluebait and salted pilchards the better baits to use. Don’t be surprised to see a few bream and solid whiting this next week as the tides are getting better at day break and sundown. Try using a simple running sinker rig here with beach worms or pipi as bait. Better beaches to try include Merimbula main and Tura main to the northern end, l know there’s been fish caught at both spots so certainly worth a try.

In the estuaries the Bega River continues to shine with anglers fishing blades and soft plastics faring best. It’s been tough for the bait crew mainly due to the cold 11 degree water that’s in there at the minute. The fish are doey and not overly hungry so those reaction bites you quite often get with a slowly presented artificial is the best method to tempt a fish to bite. Smaller lures are definitely the go with the rock-walls along Thompson’s seeing a lot of the action especially for estuary perch and black bream. The lower sections towards the mouth and bridge has seen flathead caught with some respectable models upwards of 70cm coming this past week. Down in Merimbula it’s been a tougher week with the channels in the lower sections certainly fishing better than the main lake itself. There’s been plenty of trevally with a few bream and flathead to keep things interesting. Again the lure anglers seem to be doing better though anglers using fresh prawns have also caught a few.

That’s about it for this week, hopefully the fishing will improve tenfold over the coming days and we can let you know what’s going on.

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