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Report 7/2/19

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 3:58 pm
by Nicole Penfold
Finally we’ve received some much needed rainfall around the Merimbula region with 50-100mm falling in a day depending on where you were. This is great stuff especially for the estuaries as it’s been awhile since they have received a decent flush. The Bega River was opened yesterday by council, this will only help this system in the end but in saying that it was fishing pretty well beforehand. I expect it to remain open considerably longer than the last two times as there’s plenty of water pushing down which should make for a deeper entrance. This will only make the fishing better in the long run and hopefully a few decent sized schools of mulloway will make residence whilst it’s open. I’ve had a few anglers in this morning that despite the water being quite dirty have caught some cracking yellowfin bream and flathead mainly on fresh prawns. They were fishing around the bridge area and expect it to fish well over coming days in the same area and closer towards the entrance especially when the tide turns and you get that cleaner water enter the system. Other baits to use include striped tuna strips, mackerel fillets and chicken gut, all will work well at times. Closer to town the main lake in Merimbula is excellent at present.

There’s plenty of flathead about with the local club having a competition there over the weekend (and other estuaries also) with the best Flathead at 83cm, a solid fish which was released which is great to see. Talking to a lot of people who fished the comp the flats were about in great numbers with plenty of eating sized fish chewing to. Using a mixture of bait and lures worked well with the shallower bays seemingly getting the better quality fish. There were plenty of tailor about with trevally, flounder and the odd legal pinkie snapper making up the bags. I had a surface fish for a few hours up there last Friday, there were bream about the racks as well as some cracking flatties though the whiting where very quite in the still conditions. In the channels it has slowed up somewhat, you will still get a few trevs, bream and flats but you do have to work for them. When this fresh clears l expect the fishing down stream to really fire up and l for one will be getting amongst them.

On the beaches the salmon are a little hit and miss but when you come across a school some fun will be had. The fish are averaging a kilo or so, not huge but still a stack of fun. The main beaches north of us are fishing better with North Tura certainly the pick. Casting an array of metals in the 30-40 gram class should catch you plenty, if your after bigger fish then the usual paternoster rig with a bait/popper combination is the go. The water in close has turned over in recent days with the temperature around 18 degrees so the whiting have been a little light on. They will come back good once the temp rises again with pipi and worms the gun baits to use. Merimbula main would be the pick of beaches to try for a whiting or two.

Offshore the weather hasn’t been great for the game fishers heading wide with sloppy seas playing havoc with trailer boat craft. Those who have ventured have been rewarded but the hard yards are being put in. There’s still a few marlin about from the 70-fathom line East, if you can find the bait you will more than likely get a fish or two. Most of the beaks are stripes but l wouldn’t be surprised to see a few blacks about. What have been good are the dollies, there’s plenty about with a few bulls nudging 18 kilo so cracking fish. The FAD which is around 33km from town has seen a lot of the action. Closer to shore the flatties remain active though the leatherjackets have become a nuisance. I’d be looking in 32-36 mtrs straight of Tura Head or Bournda Island if after a feed for the pan.

Off the stones the Merimbula Aquarium remains the stand-out with plenty of squid hitting it’s decks. Some of the hoods are around 30-32cm so nice eating though putting a live one out under a bobby cork or balloon may see it turn into a decent kingfish. There was one caught down there this morning with a lot more seen but they are proving hard to entice at times. Persistence will pay off here, put the time in and you will be rewarded. There’s been a few salmon and frigate mackerel caught to, mainly by anglers casting smaller metal shiners around the 10-15 gram mark. Over at Tura Head salmon numbers have been OK as well, some bigger fish have been taken there over recent days with 2/2.5 kilo fish the norm. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few hoodlums there also so taking the big guns down might just do the trick. Again live squid or yellowtail would be the preferred baits. Tight lines till next week.

Tight lines till next week.

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A good feed of whiting and bream from the Bega River upstream of Thompsons Wall.

Flathead like this 95cm beast are certainly on the cards in both Merimbula/Pambula and Wonboyn systems.